Minnis Bay Brasserie & Gravity Review ~ Olivia-May’s Birthday Week


A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Olivia’s 4th Birthday-and boy, does that girl know how to drag out Birthday celebrations (goodness knows where she gets it from…..)

I’ll attach a vlog I put together over the week, at the end of this blog, but first I wanted to review a couple of places we visited during the celebrations.


Minnis Bay Brasserie-Minnis Bay, Kent.

The road to this family lunch, wasn’t a smooth one unfortunately.  I originally booked our lunch, for 20 people, a few weeks before the date-and, after speaking to a member of staff over the phone, checking we didn’t need to pre-order, and, of course, that it wasn’t an issue for them to seat that many of us, I sent out invites to the hubs family, and set about ordering balloons and a cake etc.

Two days before we were due to go, I received an email confirming our table reservation.  Within three hours following that email, I then received another, from the manager, asking to contact him with my pre-order choices for the lunch, and to confirm the booking.

In a blind panic, I called immediately, and, explaining the previous conversation I’d had with a member of his staff, we realised there had been a mixup-mainly involving miscommunication on both parts-but also, because we hadn’t been given the correct information-we did in fact have to pre-order, and we needed to confirm the final number attending.
The manager was massively apologetic, and assured me, although they would have to seat us in two tables of 10, we would have our lunch-I just needed to get an idea of what people were going to eat.

I quickly got to work, messaging and sending the menu link to all but two members of my in-laws, and within two hours, had everyone’s pre-order.  I emailed the manager, and all was finally confirmed-even if I was a little frazzled from the events.

On the Sunday, the lunch ran as smoothly as if nothing had ever threatened to go wrong.  The staff were attentive and lovely, and the food was incredible.  I would fully recommend going there-and if anything, the manager has assured me this mix up will mean it doesn’t happen again-we’ll definitely be back-it’s one of our favourite local restaurants to visit-great views, lovely, welcoming staff and a beautiful atmosphere.

Minnis Minnis Minnis


Gravity Trampoline Park, Maidstone, Kent

Another non-smooth start to our time in this establishment-I’d organised the date and time with a PR contact via email, and signed our waivers prior to our arrival, which had been confirmed by the PR once I’d sent them.  I was told the manager would be there to meet us, as he wanted to personally show us around.

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Upon arrival on the day, there was a different manager working, who had no idea of our booking, and couldn’t find us on the booking system at all-even when I showed him the back catalogue of emails between me and the PR.

Just when we thought all was lost, I thought I might cry, I was working out what to tell our children after their 45 minute drive to the town, and I was hunting through my phone to find another activity we could do (and afford) instead, the manager came back from phoning the other manager, and explained all was fine-it was a miscommunication between them and head office.  He apologised and offered us a round of drinks on the house to make up for the mix-up.

We were then given bands to put on, and socks to wear, pointed in the direction of the lockers (which are super easy to use), and told to head over to the safety area once we were ready, to watch a short video on bouncing safely, before we began our hours jumping.

The children were once again ecstatic, now knowing they were going trampolining-and we set about exploring the different bounce areas.

To be honest, me and my husband were exhausted after half an hour-and at the end my son was as red as a raspberry and so sweaty-but both children had a lovely time and we’ve said we’d go back as it was so much fun!

Minnis Minnis


Sometimes things don’t run as smoothly as I’d like in our lives-it’s just a shame these issues coincided with my Daughter’s 4th Birthday, tainting my personal memories a little.  However, she knew nothing of the worries, and both children had a lovely week celebrating.


As mentioned above, here’s the vlog I popped together over the week, including the trampolining and lunch!


We were kindly gifted the entry to Gravity-in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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