Half Term Family Fun-At The RAF Museum in London

It’s almost half term!
You know what that means-bored kids within a day of being off and limited funds to fill each day with an activity.  You’re bound by the area you live in if you don’t drive, or if the public transport isn’t great,

Little do you know, there is a perfect day-out, just waiting for you!

The RAF Museum in London, is not only perfect for anyone of any age, it’s educational, it’s FREE and more accessible than personally , I even thought it was!

Your day at the museum
There are over 100 aircraft on the museums site, and these are all free to see.  There is no other museum or attraction in London that enables you to see so many historic and educational, aircraft and exhibitions, without paying an entrance fee!
Additionally, there are constantly free events and various educational exhibitions.  There is actually so much to do, you’re advised to plan to spend an entire day there, because of the amount there is to see!  How perfect it is to spend a full day here during the half term, for free!

You can drive to the museum site, which is just 10 minutes from Juntion 4 of the M1.  Currently however, there are are refurbishments being done to the car park.  This is not an issue at all though, because the ease to travelling in via train and tube, are just so easy!

The RAF Museum is only 30 minutes from Central London,  then either a 8 minute bus journey or 12 minute walk from Colindale tube.

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If you don’t believe just how accessible the museum is, here’s a short video, featuring a  family, on their day out!

For more information on all there is to see and do at the RAF Museum, click HERE!

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