Our review of the O2 and Disney On Ice-A Passport To Adventure

Some of you may have read my previous blog about Disney on Ice-A Passport To Adventure-and we were lucky enough to be gifted tickets to the last show at the O2 Arena on the 30th of December.

And what a way to end the year……


We travelled as a family of four into London-which, although we’ve all been in different combinations to different events, was our first outing as a four!

The children weren’t told before we left about where we were going-only that we were heading into a part of London they hadn’t been to before.
Upon arrival at North Greenwich station, I remembered I’d seen on Facebook that there had been a sign put up regarding Disney On Ice, and I thought it would be the perfect way to reveal where we were off to!


The O2 Arena

Aside from a slight issue with the tickets when we arrived to collect them at the box office (and a slightly unfriendly member of staff, almost managing to put a dampener on our outing), we eventually made our way into the arena.

I did assume there would be more security than there actually was-after events in 2017, I expected to have my bag checked a lot more than it was (once), and maybe see some sort of security dotted around the bars and area around the arena entrance.

The night before we travelled I booked all of us Sky Backstage tickets via our My Sky app-something myself and my husband had done before when we went to see Lionel Richie a couple of years ago.

The children had great fun, popping their faces into their favourite films and TV programmes-Kye danced as Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Olivia posed at the dinner table from Beauty and the Beast.  We got some great photos of them and us, saved onto our backstage card, for us to access via the internet when we got home!

adventure adventure adventure

The one security check I mentioned above, was following our visit to the Beauty And The Beast and Guardians of the Galaxy experiences-I had my bag searched and we had to walk through a body scanner.

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We then went to have a family picture taken, and took our great seats in the arena.


Disney On Ice-A Passport To Adventure

The show began with a mini warm up act of three guys who skated and did tricks with a spinning boomerang type toy-something that Kye thought was literally amazing-he loves ice skating skills!

Then the fun really began, the gang from Zootropolis came out and got the children (and some adults) up and out of their seats-moving and warming up with them!  It was at that point I knew how much Kye would love the show-I had previously worried he would be a little old for it-but the magic in his eyes when characters from one of his favourite films came out was enough to tell me I had nothing to worry about!

After that, and a visit from the stars of the show; Mickey, Minnie, Pluto (yes, four legs on ice people), Donald, Daisy and a rather clumsy (on purpose) Goofy, there were some more incredible Disney films recreated on the ice!
The Lion King, Peter Pan, Frozen and The Little Mermaid, were all incredible, using some absolutely amazing props, lighting and effects which made each one even more magical!

I popped together a little vlog of our day and the show, so you can see just how magical it really is for all of the family!

Unfortunately, Passport to Adventure has now ended-but, there’s now chance for you to buy tickets for the next shows from Disney on Ice-Worlds of Enchantment.  Head over to the Disney on Ice website-here!


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We were gifted these tickets in exchange for an honest and unbiased review-all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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