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Busy Things-Education Curriculum Programme For Children

We were very kindly asked to review an education programme called BUSY THINGS.

As you know, my children’s education, not just at school, but at home too, is really important to me, so to be asked to review this programme is something I knew I’d feel super passionate to do.

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What is Busy Things?

As mentioned above, Busy Things is an educational programme for Nursery to Primary School age children.  Working alongside the curriculum for your child’s year group, the Busy Things programme, can be tailor made to suit your child’s level of learning, while working alongside the lessons they’re being taught at school.

Busy Things teaches your child a large selection of lessons, each with different subject matter, and fun ways in which to learn them!

Winners of the Early Years digital content category at this years BETT show, Busy Things use a team of teachers-their “expert advisors” to make sure they’re hitting the right note with teachers, and making the lessons adaptable, relatable, and educational for your child.


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What did we use?

Everything!  We used it all!

For Miss Olivia, who is coming up to four and a half, we had to toggle the default levels that the activities put her under-her nursery key worker, who follows the Early Years Learning Foundation (EYFS)curriculum, has shown me how Olivia is doing things that children at the end of School Reception year do.  Because of this, we had to make sure the level was right for her, and put her onto the EYFS curriculum, to keep in with how she’s already learning and being taught at nursery.

With Kye, he is obviously in Year Three, so he knew exactly how to use the programme/laptop/any technology/plan world domination-just as any 8 year old apparently can!

His excitement over the programme came when he clicked to check out the Geography section, and found that the topic he was currently studying at school, Rainforests, was on there!  He had great fun, labelling rainforests, while telling me all about them, then moving on to coding-something else that passes me by, but that he loves!

Speaking of things passing me by, I will point out I do have an education behind me, and I do love teaching and learning-I make sure I’m up to date (or refreshed) with topics Kye is learning at school.  After 13 years away from any sort of education, some subjects do need a little time to get back in your brain, but I actually find, that by using programmes like this, enables me to also do that, while the children are learning about their curriculum based subjects!

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Home, Nursery and School

Busy Things can be used at home-we tried it out on my work laptop, and my iPad.  Both worked, not only without issue, but we were also able to log in on both at the same time, with Kye working on his subjects on the laptop, and Olivia on hers on the iPad!

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The family version, that you can use at home, really does help support your child’s learning, without diverting them away from the things they learn already at school.

With the membership, you can add up to five children onto the system, and personalise each of their profiles, so that you’re in charge of the subjects they see and take part in!  Fully personalisable, and customisable, the lessons stay curriculum based, but are also then tailor made to your child’s likes, dislikes and abilities.

You can get a free 7 day trial by signing up HERE, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to buy it following that week’s trial, so HERE is the link for you to sign up for the membership-priced at either £4.49 per month (renews automatically, cancel anytime), or to sign up for the year, which is priced at £34.99 (fixed term, no automatic renewal).


For Nurseries and Schools, there is a slightly different (but equally awesome) system in place.

There are games and activities for the Nursery age children, and a free 10 day trial!  Click HERE for that, and for more information on how you can sign your nursery up for a years membership, click HERE!

As I mentioned above, schools can also take part in using this programme for their pupils!  Their free trial for schools is for 28 days, and can be signed up for HERE.
With personalised educational content to meet the needs of YOUR classroom, there is the ability to switch the site into  ‘teacher mode’. This enables teachers to set up the site exactly as they want it: to choose which activities and tools children can access at a particular time, set their level of difficulty, keep a record of what the children have done and save or print out their work!
You can find out more about using this in your school by clicking HERE, and, if you’d like to subscribe to the programme, click HERE!



How would you like to win a years membership for your children?

Busy Things, and Mayflower Blogs, would like to give you the chance to win a Family membership worth £34.99!  All you have to do is enter via the Gleam widget below!

A Years Family Membership to the Busy Things Educational Programme


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  1. nikki easton says:

    what a helpful review. This looks so brilliant for young children. I’m sure my two would have a great time using it to support their school work. great they can both use it at the same time too.

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