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Early Learning Books from It’s Your Story

We were really lucky to have been sent this beautiful bundle of early learning books from It’s Your Story.

Learning at home, is something that always has been really important to me-although we’re not a Home Education family-my children both attend school and nursery, I still like to support their learning at home.

We’re now at a stage, where my daughter is ready for school.  She turns 5 three weeks after she starts at school in September, so her part time hours at nursery, are now needing to be added to at home-she loves to learn and has recently begun learning to read with me.

Because of this, I like to try out as many home education based activities as I can with her-and that’s where the offer to review these books came in.

Personalised with Olivia’s name and her beautiful little face (which is seen throughout the books), there are two subjects to learn.

early learning

The first, which teaches the alphabet and the sounds the letters make, would be a little behind Olivia’s current level of learning, because she knows her alphabet.  However, she doesn’t know how to write every single on yet, and because she’s begun reading, she has a good go at sounding out the words on each






early learning

The second, which teaches numbers is brilliant-Olivia can currently count to 45 (a little specific I know), but we don’t practice Maths and Number work as much as we do with the reading and letters side of her education.  This number book gives her a refresher each time she reads it and can see the numbers, and, as before, she can learn to read the words that tell the story on each page.

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Both books came together in the early learning bundle from It’s Your Story.  Priced at £35 for both, they are well worth the money-not just for the educational value, but also the quality of the pages and the hard back cover, and the sheer joy on your child’s face each time they see themselves throughout the book!

early learning

Head over to the It’s Your Story website to see more of the products they offer HERE.


early learning

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