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Learning to read with Reading Eggs

Those of you that know me personally, or follow me on my social media accounts, will already know that I’m a massive fan of Reading Eggs.
It’s been in my life for six years now, because both of my children learned to read using it!
For those of you that don’t know what it is, or haven’t heard of it, here’s some more information…..


Reading Eggs was created by expert educators who have over 3- years experience.  This multi award winning app, available to use on laptops/computers, tablets and mobile devices, supports your child’s learning, with carefully designed reading and games and activities to engage your child and aid their learning.

Reading Eggs

As I said above, we’ve been using Reading Eggs for the best part of six years, after my son showed an interest just before he was 2, in wanting to read words and recognise letters.  He was reading beginner stage books by the time he was 2 and a half, and has always been at the top level of reading and writing in his schools since using the programme.

When we first started, we didn’t have tablets and mobile devices big enough to even think about using the programme on them, so with him, we always used it on our laptop-the screen is bigger, and the graphics and activities are great quality on it.

With my daughter, who is now four, she really didn’t show as much of an interest in reading before she was three-but she’s spent the last six months using the programme on my iPad-it’s easier for her to use the touch screen at her age than it is for her to use the laptop.

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She’s now reading books at home with us, by being able to sound out letters and this is all down to the Reading Eggs programme.
Her favourite thing to do is the dot to dot, as it’s really bringing her number knowledge up too-as well as using the Mathseeds programme alongside it (but that’s a chat for another day!).

Reading Eggs

When we first used Reading Eggs, we took full advantage of the two week free trial that is available on the website-it was a great option to get used to the activities, and check that it was something both children were going to be interested in.


The lovely people at Reading Eggs, really want you to try this out for yourselves-and to be honest, so do I-I know a lot of people now know of the programme, but plenty still don’t, and you really are missing out!  
They have given me a 5 week free trial for my readers-that’s a massive three weeks more than the usual two week trial!

Just use this link;, and head over to sign up! Once you’ve had your trial, you will receive an email regarding the annual membership-prices and information for this, can be found over on the website HERE.

We hope you’ll love this as much as we do!!!

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