Teaching children the importance of saving the rainforests.

For those of you that didn’t catch my news on my facebook page last week, Mayflower Blogs has had a little makeover!  A new website design and layout are the main feature, but there are also some new topics added that are going to be quite prominent in 2018.

One of which, is the Education tab.
I write a lot about my Son and Daughters education over on my social media platforms, and am keen to make writing about their progression and learning journeys here on the website a lot more this year.

I’m beginning with the importance of teaching children about saving the rainforests-which is coinciding with Kyes term three topic at his primary school.


I don’t know about other people’s seven year olds, but mine is especially sensitive to the world around him-whether that’s hearing about bombings, wars, violence (or Donald Trump),  he understands it, absorbs it, and tries to ascertain more information from us, his parents.

When we finished term two in December, and received the information for the following terms topic, it wasn’t long before he was already asking questions.
I choose not to give too much information on new topics-I like him to find the information for himself, and learn from school-they put a lot of effort into topics and I know gaining knowledge from teachers and staff at school is really important-it gives children a respect for those who teach them.

So why is it important for children to learn about the threats to rainforests?

Rainforests once covered 15% of the worlds surface-now they cover less than 5%.  I think for starters, that’s enough of a shock to us as adults, but, to get a seven year old to comprehend that percentage, they get told that an area of a rainforest the size of a football field is being destroyed every second.
To imagine that many trees, let alone the living things in the trees, being wiped out every second, definitely had Kye understanding the severity of the situation.

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We’re really lucky with Kyes school-we get sent home information sheets at the start of a new term, explaining what will be being taught across the entire curriculum.


Additionally, we get the opportunity to attend something called “Entry Point”, where we get to go into the children’s class, and take part in an activity about the new topic.

Entry point for ‘Saving the World and Let’s Plant It’ was held yesterday-which myself and my Husband attended.

Our activity, was to get crafty, decorating pictures of rainforest animals, that were going to be put up around the classroom, to give the room more of a “rainforest feel”.

Visual aids and topic relative activities, are proven to not only remind children of their topics, but also to motivate and enhance the learning process.

After half an hour of gluing (and being covered in glue), colouring, and designing the animals of the rainforest, I realised how important, yesterdays classroom activity was for the children.  We were enabling them, with the visual aids, to get the best start to their weeks of topic learning-and, as Kye’s year three teacher, Mr Searle noted at the beginning of the session; that half an hour was spent in the best way-with our child, aiding their learning.


I’m full of intrigue, for the future weeks that Kye will spend learning about this topic, to see what knowledge and empathy he will gain, regarding the plight of the ever decreasing animals and plants of the rainforest.
(I’m also not-so-secretly really looking forward to the homework-don’t tell anyone though!)


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