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My First Week at The Gym, Westwood Cross, Kent

If you’ve been following my blog posts recently, you’ll know I’ve recently joined a new gym in my area.
To find out more about the gym I’m attending, head over to my previous blog HERE, and keep an eye on my website and social media channels for more updates about my fitness journey!


I’m currently 10lb 1, and am on the average mark for most of my measurements, including BMI.

I took the following photos to document my change in body shape as my weight loss and fitness journey progresses-I’m not in love with these pictures if I’m honest-there’s nothing like taking photos of your half naked wobbly post child birth body, to make you feel pretty pants about yourself.  However, it does give me the boost I need to change the bits of me I’m less than happy with.



I began my first session, as everyone seems to, in the New Year, once the children had gone back to school, and I had got over every single illness I’d managed to catch over Christmas.

I couldn’t get an induction as the gym is so popular at the minute-but after speaking to my Brother-In-Law, who had already been attending for a little while, he assured me, the machines were easy to use, and I wouldn’t necessarily need an induction.

I would like to remind those of you that may have forgotten, that I suffer from social anxiety (amongst other things), and to say I was anxious about not only attending the gym, but doing it on my own for the first time, would be an understatement.

A couple of times after I woke up the morning of the first session, I tried to talk myself out of going, but after popping on some music, and donning the unflattering gym-wear I’d bought in the Primark sale before Christmas (why do they make gym-wear skin tight), I felt a little more ready to tackle the start of my fitness journey.  (Be thankful for the more clothing I’m wearing in this photo!)

first week

After dropping the children at school and attempting to eat a banana in the car (I’m yet to crack eating breakfast before the gym), I put my earphones into my ear, memorised my pin number for the security doors, put my fake confidence head on, and walked in.

Thankfully, because I covered the pre-opening, and opening of the gym, I knew where to go first and once I was in the changing room, I felt myself settle down into the new routine.

Because of the busyness of the gym at the moment, it’s pretty hard to get a slot with a Personal Trainer-something I do want to do, as I’m still unsure what is best for me with regards to a permanent  fitness regime.

However, I know what most machines do, so decided to wing it until I could get an appointment.

I spent an hour at the gym during my first session, mainly on the treadmill, with short amounts of time on the cross trainer, rowing machine and exercise bike.

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In all honesty, I couldn’t pin point and tell you, which bit of my hour I was most pleased with-it was partly not dying on the treadmill, partly lasting an hour, but also, I had a massive amount of pride in myself, for beating through the anxiety I felt about attending, then being in a room full of people while I did something out of my comfort zone.

The second time I attended, I met up with a friend who hadn’t been before.  It was honestly, quite nice to not be the newbie-I even remembered my pin number, and, we not only lasted over an hour and a half, but, because we were both new, and inquisitive to the equipment around us, we also tried new things for different parts of our body.

This helped massively, because the next sessions were then able to be filled, even though I was on my own again, with the new things I’d learned to use when with my friend.

I’m now a week into my fitness journey, and I’ve learned a few things about myself;

  1. I’m a lot more unfit than I thought I was.  Walking school runs every day, and picking children/toys/mess up, plus housework, doesn’t actually make you fitter.
  2. Regardless of my shape, or the fact I’ve never been technically overweight, it doesn’t dictate my fitness level.  I genuinely thought because I wasn’t overweight, I would fall into a fitness regime easily-this is not true-it’s still hard, and I know I have a long way to go.
  3. The books are right.  Mental health can be improved by physical exercise.  Although my motivation to get to the gym (and get out of bed) isn’t quite at a level I’m happy with yet, I still go, and no matter how rubbish and tired I felt before going, I always feel improvement in my energy levels, my mental health and my motivation for the rest of the day following a gym session.
  4. I can do this on my own.  It’s lovely to have a friend with me, and I’d happily go with others every time, but I’m also mentally stronger than I thought I was, and can do this on my own.


I’ll continue to document my journey for you all, and also how the physical exercise is having not only an impact on my fitness level, and how my body looks and feels, but also how it’s having a hopefully positive effect on my mental health too. (And hopefully the half naked pictures will start to show some improvement).

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

To find out more about The Gym at Westwood Cross in Kent, check out their website HERE.

first week
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