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The Gym-Fitness Update-February

Hey Everyone!

I thought I’d do a quick roundup regarding how I’ve been getting on at the gym I attend, since I last updated you all!


My weight hasn’t changed-it’s still 10 stone 1, the same as it was when I was a week in-I don’t weigh every day, or after every gym session, so I’m unsure whether I have gone up and down over the last month and a half.

However, I did assume I’d put weight on, because, as you’ll read in the next part of this update, I haven’t actually been to the gym for the best part of three weeks.  Read on to find out why!


After I started at the beginning of January, I didn’t really have any idea, what would or would not, work for me.  I tried everything-reading all pointers on the machines and areas, to make sure I was aware how things should feel, and to know which parts of my body I was working out.

As January progressed, I started my own little routine-based around the equipment I thought I needed to use, for what I wanted to use it for, as well as what my body could cope with doing-my stamina at the very beginning was frustratingly bad, and although I was happy to push myself a little, I also knew how important it was to listen to my body.

fitness update


I now use the same things in the same order-but sometimes I drop or add other workouts, based on how I feel on the day.

Treadmill; I do 25 minutes on here-walking at a fast pace for 10 minutes in a way to warm up, then 10 minutes walking even faster, uphill.  I then have the three minute cool down that is already programmed into the machine.

Leg PressI then move on to the leg press-and I had begun pushing 18kg.  I very quickly went up to 25kg (which surprised me because I don’t think of my legs as strong!).  The last few sessions I’ve had, I’ve pushed 32kg-so there is definite improvement in this part of my routine.

Stomach CrunchI’m embarrassed to say I don’t know what the name of this piece of equipment actually is-but I do know how to use it.
Sitting on the seat, you pop your elbows on the pad behind you and grip the handles overhead.  You then pull down using your core to lift the weights.
I began once again with 18kg for this one, but quickly moved onto 25kg.
My stomach is the main issue I have with my body so I use this one a lot.

Stairmaster; I think that’s what this one is called-it’s what it was called when I last attended another gym (yeah, that was 10 years ago so…..)
I really surprised myself with this one actually-I didn’t realise I could climb so many stairs.  At home, I seem to be shattered doing two flights!
I think I did 14 flights of stairs on my first go!

Cross Trainer; Seriously, whoever invented this is evil.  I can’t use it-everything hurts, and I seem to make very little progress unlike when I use the other things.  If everything else is taken and I don’t want to seem like a melon standing around, I’ll give it a go-although I feel like more of a melon when I have to jump off because I feel like I’m dying!

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Rowing Machine; I started off well with this one, and saw some really good results, moving up levels each time I used it.
For some reason, the results wore off, and not only do I not see much progress when using it-I also don’t enjoy it.  It is another piece of equipment I only use if none of the above are available.



I have seen results-although there’s been no weight loss (which I didn’t expect there to be), I have noticed my stomach is flatter, and I fitted into a smaller dress for my sons birthday in February, which made me pretty pleased!

fitness update

Before Gym ~ After 1 month

I also notice how much happier I am when I’ve attended a gym session-as I mentioned above, I haven’t attended for a few weeks, and I really missed it.  I almost ran through the doors on my return!
My mental health is definitely improved when I attend-and it’s something I will continue to work on!


As I have mentioned a couple of times, I haven’t been at the gym for a few weeks.  So much happened, life just got in the way!  I had my son’s 8th Birthday, which we obviously managed to drag out for an entire week, but additionally, I’ve basically debated having a red cross put on the front door for the amount of germs in my house.

Both of my children tag teamed each other to get poorly, first my Daughter, then my Son, then my Daughter again-then it was my Husband’s turn, then mine!
On the first day that I started to feel ropy, only with a tickly cough, I made the decision to still attend.  Bad move.  I ended up unable to breathe, and coughed a lung up on the way home (exaggeration there but still).
I’m definitely always making sure I listen to my body, and I knew I couldn’t go back until I got better.  Which, for some reason, has taken two weeks!
Add all of the above onto my Husband starting a new job, leaving me having to find a brand new routine that worked for me and my children, it’s all just been a little manic recently.

I’ve now returned, and will continue to attend and get back into my fitness routine!


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To find out more about The Gym at Westwood Cross in Kent, check out their website HERE.


fitness update
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