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How to get the best out of your garden with Grass Direct

Some of you may already know my issues with my “garden”.   For those who don’t, let me elaborate….

I live in a privately rented home-unfortunately the luck gods weren’t smiling down on us when they were handing out ways to get a mortgage.  I absolutely love my house (there are always issues but I love it most of the time).

Grass DirectOne of the only things that I feel lets my house down, is my garden.
My goodness it’s dull!
It’s a basic patio garden, with brickwork across the entire main part, and paving slabs down the side of the house and around the conservatory.  Surrounding that, is a boring brown fence.

I buy tat for it-I hang stuff on the fence, and dot rude looking gnomes around the floor, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

What it has done however, is got me dreaming a little…..

I know I can’t change anything about my garden, it’s not mine to change, so I certainly wouldn’t go round digging up the slabs-I’m not entirely sure that would go down well with my landlord.  But let’s say I did have the option-what would I do to make my garden, well, mine.

It definitely would need grass-I have always dreamt of a garden with lush green grass in it, and potted plants around the outside.  The issue with this?  I seem to kill every plant that enters my house or garden.

I know for sure, after the issues I’ve already had growing simple sunflowers and sweet peas, that grass in a garden of mine, would surely not be the only thing I could keep alive-and I don’t think there’s anything worse than dead grass to look at!

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My Auntie, a major clean freak, has this grass she can hoover-and I realised, I need me a piece of that (well an entire garden of that really).

That’s where Grass Direct come in-the creme de la creme of artificial grass companies-they provide the UK’s largest selection of artifical grass-perfect for a patio like mine, but also for terraces or balconies!

Grass Direct

There’s no watering, there’s no wedding, and, especially for people like me who manage to kill everything (plant-wise, I’m all good with humans and animals), there’s no chance of this grass going all brown and ugly, because it can’t die!

So why should you choose Grass Direct for your artificial grass needs?  Well for starters, they offer free samples, so you can run your hands (and feet if you so wish), over the lush green grass they’ll install for you!
Additionally, their grass has five star reviews, they will price match your quote against other companies, and they provide fast, chosen day delivery dates for your convenience.

Prices start from £4.49 p/m for their budget artificial grass, right up to £29.99 for their brand new for 2018, ‘Bahama’ grass!

Grass Direct

Really, Grass Direct are the only company to fulfill your artificial grass needs, so what are you waiting for!  Head over to their website now!


Grass Direct

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