How to make a boring garden look, well, less boring!

Oh my goodness, did anyone else see that great big thing in the sky this week, giving off heat and making everyone cheery??  I think they call it the sun, but it’s been so long since we last saw it, I can’t be quite sure.


It makes me want to get out into my garden asap, set up the barbecue, lay myself on a lounger and get me a bronzed bod!

This would be exactly what I would be doing, if it wasn’t for a few issues.  Mainly, that I really don’t want to spend a ton of time in my garden-especially not sat on my lounger.
That lounger last saw the light of day, last summer, as did my garden table and chairs, and a cover was thrown swiftly over them all, as soon as the temperature dropped in September.

That’s over half a year covered-creepy crawlies to the gallon have more than likely set up home under there, and I am most definitely not going to go poking around!


To be honest, we really could do with a new set, and a new lounger-the other reason I don’t want to sit out there, is that my garden is super boring to look at.

gardenOf course there are the obligatory kids toys bringing some colour, but against the beige dirty patio, the brown fence, and the brick walls, there really isn’t much going on out there!


I basically gave up hope of ever finding lovely things for it, because of the lack of grass, a long time ago-then I found Groupon!

The selection of amazing things to jazz up and sort out any garden, any size, any boring-ness (that’s a word right), is clear to see-I’m literally in love with everything I’ve come across on the garden section of their website.

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From loungers (tick), patio dining sets (tick) and pressure washers (bugs be gone!) To outdoor activities for the children, plant’s and accessories to brighten up paths and walls-they actually have everything you could need!

gardenMy favourite is most definitely these glow in the dark pebbles-how I’ve never come across these before is madness-I now need to convince my husband we need to replace every pebble we have along the side of one of our walls, with these ones!!!

Honestly, you won’t be disappointed-head over and see the patio and garden deals at Groupon now!!

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