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Good Evening!!!

Today is my first day back to work since Christmas Eve, and to say I’m exhausted would be an understatement.

Let me take you back to the last blog I did here-Elf on the Shelf-Day 24, The Last Day!
As you can see, the last photo was of, what used to be my front room floor-but had turned into “attack of the presents”!  There were so many (as usual)!

12 hours later, and the madness began!  I say 12 hours, but I was awake at 4, 5, 6 and 7, before going and making the kids get out of bed myself.  They came to our room to open their stockings, and hurriedly opened them before begging us to go downstairs.








They had LOADS, (not all were from us and Santa I’d like to add), and their excitement built with each present, culminating in my son nearly losing his voice when he opened his desperately wanted present!

My daughter had not said much else except for “Soggy Doggy” when asked by anyone what she’d like for Christmas, so her reaction to getting that was also pretty brilliant!

We tidied up a little (well as much as we could), following ‘present-gate’, and got ready for our trip to the in laws for more present fun and FOOD!

The children have a bedroom at their house too, so Santa had been there and left presents for them on their beds!
We opened our presents too, and then patiently waited 4 hours for dinner…….


Yep-that was my dinner.  I’m not ashamed to say the only things left on my plate were a bit of meat and a potato!  I am also not ashamed to admit, I undid the button on my skinny jeans prior to even sitting at the table.

Our afternoon was spent playing games, eating chocolate, and drinking baileys-well, that was my afternoon anyway!

Favourite Presents

1) FitBit Flex; Yeeeessss, I’m aware there are better ones, I’m aware there are more expensive ones that do pretty much anything you want them to do-I literally just wanted one to see how many steps I take, doing housework/school runs (and nursery runs as from next week)/shopping etc.  The Flex is perfect for that.

2) Family Cushion; My mother in law bought this cushion for us and I’m literally in love with it!!!!  The hubs was all “that’ll be nice in our bedroom”, and I put it straight on the sofa as soon as we got in, it needs to be seen!




3) I love London Cup; This is self explanatory-I love a cup, I love London.  Simples.

4) Yankee Candle Wax Burner; Ohhhh its just soooooo pretty!!!  My lovely cousin got it for me (and some London themed bits too), but it is just too nice not to mention!

In doing the ‘Favourite Present’ part of this, I’ve realised I could really have just listed all of my presents, as I really did get some lovely things this year!

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I’ll pick some more favourites (as well as the ones above), at some point soon, and do a little mini review on them I think!

Anyhooooo……Christmas Day ended (after a large amount of sorting/tidying/organising the toy/clothes bombs that had gone off in my house), and, after being awake since 4am, I didn’t have much of an issue dropping off!
Boxing Day arrived sooner than my body was ready for, as I was up once again at 4am taking the meat out of my slow cookers (yep-plural, I own two), but we all got up (everyone else at 7am), shook the Christmas tiredness off, and tidied/sorted/organised some more!
My Dad, Step-Mum and Brother came round in the early afternoon, and, after saying I wouldn’t do too much food, this was the result (oops!)

IMG_8230 I actually couldn’t fit it all in the photo, there was more on the kitchen sides too!


Presents from my Dad are always fun, we don’t get to request things usually, he just comes up with ideas, and gets them!
This year, the hubs got a glass teapot and tea (he loves tea), and I got some adult colouring sets and pencils-because nothing says “I have an daughter who suffers from Anxiety” quite like travel adult colouring book sets!  In fairness, the pencils are so pretty, and I’ve already had a go at one of the pages-although I feel no more relaxed as yet…..

We played games with them, had some drink, stuffed our faces some more, and they left at 7pm, leaving me to attempt to get two sugar infused children, to bed, without kick-off (it didn’t work).

The hubs spent his evening using his teapot, and his choice of tea (which he usually only has one cup of), was “Sleepy Tea” as he calls it.  It’s a bedtime tea for aiding a relaxed body and mind ready for bed.  It never usually works, but after overdosing on it last night via the new teapot, he was pretty much comatose by 10!

So that’s that!  48 hours of complete madness, followed by tons of food, drink, and laughter!
Today, I’ve had proper food delivered, so we can have proper dinners and eat fruit!  Funny how all I now want is cheese and chocolate really!

Tomorrow, the hubs goes back to work, the children are off out in the morning with their Nanny and Grandad, so I’m off to the sales to get some things I didn’t get for Christmas.
I’m also  on the lookout for a work organiser, so if anyone knows of any good ones-let me know!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and, if you’ve made it this far in today’s blog, you’re my favourite!
I shall leave you with a little slideshow from our festive couple of days!

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