5 Reasons I Deserve A Winter Sun Holiday

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s now Winter!  That means, for those of us that don’t live anywhere hot, it’s the end of shorts (unless you’re a postman), sunglasses (unless you’re one of those people that wear sunnies all year round), and you can deflate the lilos and pop the buckets and spades into storage now-they’re not going to be needed!

Because of the rather swift entrance of the Wintery weather, I’ve decided to give you five reasons, I deserve a Winter sun holiday!


  1. It’s Cold.
    I know this is kind of an obvious one, but it is cold isn’t it!  As much as I love wearing scarfs and big jumpers, and covering the bits of my body I’m not keen on getting out during the Summer, I just hate waking up to a cold house, or getting out of the bath and shivering as soon as the cold air touches my skin!
    I want to wake up somewhere hot, sunny and be able to get out of the shower and not have to rush to get dry and into four layers of clothes!
  2. It Gets Darker Earlier.
    There’s nothing like sudden darker evenings and mornings to put you in a  bad mood.  Do I want to be getting up for the school run, while it’s still dark?  Do I want to be walking home from the after school club pickup in the dark?  No, I do not!  It’s not even like it makes the kids want to stay in bed for longer-I don’t even get that as a bonus.
    I want to wake up to sunshine, and want to get out and about for the whole time the sun is out!
  3. I’m Poorly, The Husband Is Poorly, The Kids Are Poorly.
    There’s nothing like a major change in temperature, then having to put the heating on, to really give those germs a great start at multiplying into something beautiful is there!
    Add into the mix that it’s happening at the children’s school and nursery too, so they’re bringing home already ripe germs, it makes for one snotty, sneezy, phlegmy (sorry) household!
    The kids miss school, I fall behind with the housework, and my actual work, and the Husband-obviously worse than all of us, due to the man flu-ends up losing money from days off his full time job!
    I’m not saying you don’t pick up germs on flights to sunny destinations, or, well, anywhere, but what’s better for fixing a cold than sunshine!
  4. Stress.
    Winter is by far the most stressful time of the year.  There are the money worries, struggles for present ideas for not only my family, but obviously the in laws too and attempts to find places for the majority of a toy shop from the kids presents.  There are nativities, carol concerts, panto visits, Santa’s grotto visits and light switch on’s.
    Our car has it’s MOT at the end of every November-which it inevitably always fails!
    Again, I’m not saying these things aren’t happening when you’re on a sunny holiday, but being sat around a pool, sipping a cocktail would probably reduce that stress a tad!
    In an attempt not to sound like a tantruming toddler, I’ll just end with, it would be nice to have one.  I work really hard throughout the year, not just at my job, but at home with my kids and Husband, and with everything that comes with being a stay at home Mum and housewife.
    I long to be horizontal on a sun lounger, listening to waves gently making their way onto the beach.  I dream of warm evenings, sat outside of a restaurant, eating local cuisine and having a few drinks.
    Ultimately though, I wouldn’t be alone in this dream, I’d have my babies, and my Husband right there with me-unable to imagine a Winter sun holiday, or any holiday, without them!
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How do you feel about Winter sun holidays-do you go on them?  Would you recommend them to others?  

Maybe you’ve never even thought of going on one!

Now’s your chance-head over to Holiday Gems, to see the Winter sun deals they have for you!


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