5 Ways To Save Money On The Run Up To Christmas

If you’re anything like me, you start Christmas shopping super early-with a lot of family, two kids, a husband and a November MOT on the car to pay for, it’s important I’m always super organised!

I’ve popped together my five top tips for saving money on the run up to Christmas, I hope you find them helpful!


  1. Stop Hoarding-Start Selling!
    We’ve all got things we hold on to, “just in case”, but what you’re really doing is preventing yourself extra space, free from clutter, oh, and money!!
    Get on to eBay or your favourite local selling pages on Facebook, sell your bits ‘n’ bobs, give someone else a bargain, and get yourself some pocket money.  It might not seem a lot, but it all adds up!
  2. Discount Codes are your friend!
    Every single time I shop online, without fail, I Google discount codes for the company I’m buying from, before I pay at the checkout.  I’ve had discounts on most things; flower deliveries, gifts, cards, food-you name it, it’s out there!  Make it a routine before you buy something-Google a discount code, and you can save yourself some pennies to put away for Christmas (and save money on the presents you were going to buy anyway!)
  3. Use Cashback Sites!
    There are still some friends and family I speak to that haven’t even heard of these sites or the concept of cashback.
    For those that are still in the dark, it’s really simple.  You sign up to a cashback site (there’s loads, just Google them), search the company you’re about to buy something from, click the linked button to the site, and shop as normal!  Once you’ve put your transaction through, you get cash back into your account, and can withdraw it-I use mine as a savings account!
  4. If the going gets tough-the tough needs Cash Lady!
    Unfortunately, things like MOT’s in November, and random bits of your house breaking, always seems to happen around Christmas don’t they!  You’ve got all of the presents, you’re ready to get Christmas here and happening-then the washing machine breaks.
    There are ways to help, and Cash Lady is your helping hand at this point.  Research by Cash Lady shows unexpected expenses, bill payments, and special occasions, are the top three reasons people look to get short term loans.  They’re there to help-when they going gets that little too tough.
  5. Make your own gifts!
    I’m not at all crafty or arty-but there are so many tutorials online nowadays, for simple handmade gifts, that really are sometimes more appreciated by the recipient than anything else!
    What’s even better, is getting the kids involved!  There’s nothing my children’s Grandparents and Great Grandparents love more, than receiving special hand prints/drawings on things for them!  It saves money, and you still get to give a special gift!
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I hope some of these tips and tricks have helped you on the run up to the busiest and most expensive time of the year!



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