Bullying-The Statistics-The Facts-The Help

I’ve previously described briefly, my issues with bullying, that I had at school.

What has prompted me to write this blog post, was witnessing a family member have to take abusive and harassing “trolling” comments, on a popular social media platform. What was worse, was that she was being called names I was called nearly 20 years ago.

I think the issue with it, that shocked me more, was the concern I felt.  I thought times had changed, but if anything, they’re no better-just much much worse.

Bullies are still able to get away with name calling-making young peoples lives hell without fear of reprobation-they feel untouchable.

Because of this, I decided to ask some fellow parents over on my Facebook, if their child/children had been bullied, and, if they had, whether they thought the school had dealt with it appropriately-adhering to their anti-bullying policy.

Worryingly, 55% of them said that their child HAD been bullied, and the school HADN’T stuck to their policy.  Their child was let down by a place that is supposed to protect them five days a week.  Teachers, and school staff have a duty to look after their pupils and to keep them safe-it’s very concerning in the 55% of people I’ve spoken with, that this hasn’t been done.

After hearing this information, from only a handful of friends, I decided to look into the statistics further.

According to a 2016 report from anti-bullying charity, Ditch The Label1.5 million young people (50%) had been bullied within the past year, 145,800 (19%) of these were bullied EVERY DAY.

It’s no wonder then, why so many children are absent from school on a regular basis, due to being bullied.

I don’t profess to have all the answers-if anything, as a victim of bullying, I have very little in the way of help for those currently going through it.
What I will say, is that there really are people who can help.
If you feel let down by your child’s school, and you’re struggling to work out what to do next for them-there are organisations and charities that are available to help you.

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If you’re being bullied, it’s such a big step to talk to someone, but, speaking out about it, can not only help you see things from a different perspective, but it can also help others be brave too!

Childline are one of the organisations available.  With information on the types of bullying that could be occurring in your life or someone else’s, there are tips and a helpline to get you and your family through the tough days.

By far, one of the most informative websites I’ve come across while researching for this blog, I really believe it could help-I think it’s a shame this kind of thing wasn’t around 20 years ago!

I also always think speaking to a stranger actually helps more than having to go through it all with someone you know!

Other organisations/charities available;

When I began blogging, it was to get off my chest, thoughts and feelings that were consuming me.  It started with just ramblings that I’d either type up and delete the next day, to actually hitting publish on the website.  Before long, I started receiving messages from people in the same or similar positions-thanking me for writing about my experiences, because it helped them feel less alone.

You could do that too.
Help someone feel less alone today, by making yourself feel less alone.  There are always people to talk to-find them, talk to them, beat the bullies.


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