A Blogger,Seriously?


During an article writing job on Friday at my son’s school, I was introduced to members of staff as “Kye’s Mum”.

Now, before I begin to get into my issues with this, I would like to clarify that I LOVE  being “Kye’s Mum”

However, as recent events and conversations with friends and family members have seen, I’m starting to realise how I’m not taken as seriously as I’d like to be with regards to my job. Rather than being labelled as “Jemma” (as that’s my actual name), or described as a “blogger”, people instead find it hard to take those job titles seriously.

I find since becoming a “blogger”, myself, and other bloggers, really don’t get the recognition we deserve.

Why is this?!

Is it because we don’t do a 9-5 job?
I don’t see how-when different jobs and shift patterns now mean a large amount of the working population also don’t do 9-5 working days.

Is it because I currently don’t earn a wage?
I kind of understand this-but what about those that volunteer for charities etc? They’re taken seriously-and effectively that’s what I currently do!

On Sunday morning-I spent my time sat at my laptop, typing up three different pieces of work-one for my local news site, one for a baby loss charity, and this one.

Today, after being “Kye’s Mum” and dropping him at school and his sister at nursery, I  came home and typed up another blog before going to a meeting, another two school runs, then heading out to another event at my local theatre.

I work hard, I enjoy what I do (yes-even though I don’t get paid), and I’m really good at what I do.

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How many people an say that about their jobs?

Signing off;
Jemma (aka Kye’s Mummy, Olivia’s Mummy, Keiron’s Wife, Housewife extraordinaire, Blogger, Writer, Reviewer, Columnist, (volunteer).

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5 thoughts on “A Blogger,Seriously?

  1. Bhawna Saini says:

    Well said! But that’s the life of a blogger! Initially I called blogging as my hobby, but now it has grown so much that I can no longer call it a passtime. It is something I am devoted to and have invested in. And as you said, I love what I so, even though I don’t get paid.

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