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Hi there!

When I first started blogging I did a really quick, “basic info” blog about myself.  I’ve decided to do an updated one, mainly because I’ve had a influx of visitors to the blog this week and I don’t think its completely obvious why I do what I do, and who I am!  Also at the beginning, I wanted to be completely anonymous.  I’m not keen on myself (seriously), and I didn’t want people knowing who I was-but now I think its important not to hide behind words I write so honestly, and that I find so much comfort and truth in-so here goes!


The Basics

I’m Mrs Mayflower, well that’s my blog name.  My real name is Jemma Willson.  I recently turned 30 (there’s a blog about that here), and I am married to my husband of 7 years (partner of 11 years), Keiron.  We have two amazing children, Kye who’s 6 and a half (the half is very important), and Olivia-May (you see a trend in the name May-I’ll explain that one further down), who’s almost 3.

The Reason I Blog

I think this is a really good subject to touch on-because there are SO many bloggers around nowadays, and they all write for different reasons.

My reason?  Well mainly because I love it!  I write well, I LOVED English at school (thanks to an amazing teacher-Mr Rosedon), and I have so much to say ALL the time!  I suffer from a few mental health issues, have had a fair amount of rough times in my life, and each day is, well, lets just say interesting.  Every day has its challenges and I want to tell people about them, because sometimes, you just feel so alone in what you’re going through, and no one else gets it…..and no one should feel alone.

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The Name of the Blog

A fair amount of people have actually asked me why I chose the name Mayflower Blogs when I set this up.  It’s actually super simple.  As you saw above, our daughter is Olivia-May.  She was named after my grandmother, May.  She died 7 years ago now, and I haven’t been the same since the day she died.  She literally took a piece of me with her when she went and I love and miss her, more every day.  She was my true hero, so to name my daughter after her was a no brainer really.  The “flower” in “Mayflower” was actually about her too. One of the last photos we have of her is of her holding some flowers we’d got her for her birthday, so again, the name was easy to decide on!  I aim to make her as proud as I made her before she died, she deserves that.


I have done a few reviews since I started writing and am currently in the process of writing another for some beauty products (watch this space).  If you would like to work with me, or contact me about ANYTHING else, please see the form below!

So thats it really!  Thats all you need to know about me (I think).  All previous blogs are on the website, I don’t delete any, I like to see how far I’ve come since I started all this!  There are also links to my social media platforms, so please click, like, share, follow, retweet and comment-it makes a real difference to me to know what people think!


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