Beauty Hacks For Busy Mums

I love wearing make up.  I would also love not spending hours on a beauty regime, especially when I also have children to get ready, and really dislike being late!


I don’t have any beauty hacks to share-aside from not wearing any to save time!

Because I need help myself with this, I decided to ask a few of my lovely blogger friends, for their beauty related tips and tricks to make getting ready a little easier.

from said; I have recently discovered eye lash lifts and tints and it has honestly made such a difference. I no longer need mascara and because my eyes look brighter I am either not wearing makeup on my face or am applying very little. The lift lasts about 8 weeks and the tint is approx 2-4 weeks but I would rather treat myself to this than worry about applying mascara.

Alex from Better Together Home said;  I get my eyebrows tinted so I don’t need to fill them in every morning (takes so long to get them even!). Also shellac nails last me 2-3 weeks so saves time on refreshing constantly. 

Lauren from Scrapbook Blog said; Buying a gel nail lamp was the best thing I’ve done since I had kids. It takes half an hour every 2 weeks and an initial outlay of about £40 but you’ll then have neat nails that won’t chip for 2 whole weeks! I bought a cheap lamp and it’s been going strong for 3 years now!

Beth from Twinderelmo said; Tinted moisturiser – kills two birds with one stone and isn’t too heavy on the skin when it’s hot.

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Lisa from Mummy Gummie said;  I have a shower and moisturise/paint nails etc in the evening when children in bed to save time in the morning

Clare from Clare’s Little Tots said;  I bath with the kids every night so I don’t have to find time to have a shower (saves water as well).


Super helpful hacks right there ladies, thank you!

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