What Are Your Favourite Christmas Movies?

We’re at that time again people-it’s December, it’s time to dig out the Christmas DVD’s, find that dedicated Sky Christmas channel, and circle all of your favourite Christmas movies in the bumper edition, festive TV Guide.


My favourite Christmas movie, has to be Polar Express-I love the story of magic, and the possibility of a child losing their belief in the magic of Santa, but ultimately finding it again.  The songs, the animation-it’s all so festive, it’s just perfect.


I asked some of my blogger friends their favourite Christmas Movies.

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Katy from katykicker.com chose The Holiday.  She loves the festiveness of the film, and that is has a happy ending. It is so enjoyable but most of all the cast make it for her! Every time she watches it she sees the little cottage and the snow and she gets right in the mood for Christmas!

Lauren from Dilan and Me chose The Santa Clause (the Tim Allen one).  It brings back loads of childhood memories for her, of watching it with her dad.  It always made them both laugh so much.

Louise from Birds and Lilies chose Love Actually.   She just thinks it’s so sweet and Christmassy and she really loves the ‘To me, you are perfect’ bit.

Jen from Just Average Jen chose Home Alone because it reminds her of being young and watching it at Christmas-and now her son loves it too! We all wanted to be left at home didn’t we!

Emily from Squid Mamma chose Elf.  She loves it because it’s just the modern Christmas movie!  She never liked Home Alone (shock, horror!) but Elf is just perfect. It’s a proper family film – she remembers going to see it with her 3 year old cousin in the cinema when it came out, and it’s brilliant for kids but with the right amount of adult humour!

Maria from Happy Mummy chose Miracle on 34th Street.  It makes her feel so festive with the parade and she loves how it all comes together in the end and she gets the family she has always for Christmas.

Suzy from Our Bucket List Lives chose Snowman and Snowdog.   It really resonates with her.  The little boy in the story has lost his dog. The Snowdog comes to him but then he loses him as well because it’s just made of snow but then gets a new ‘real’ dog for Christmas. Suzy lost her Dad last year and she wishes she could get him back in some way.

Emma from The Money Whisperer chose Stickman!  She thinks  that it’s just so heartwarming that Stickman makes it back to his Sticklady and stick family of three in time for Christmas!

Claire from Big Family Big Fun chose The Muppets Christmas Carol.  She loves the classic story of A Christmas Carol and the Muppets version just makes it a great family film to watch- plus they love the songs; ‘One more sleep ‘til Christmas’ is one of their all-time favourites to listen to on Christmas Eve.

Louise from A Strong Coffee To Go chose Arthur Christmas.  She loves that it moves Santa with the times and explains how he gets past burglar alarms.  An elf gift wrapping a present in silence makes total sense to her!


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What are your favourites?  Let me know in the comments!


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