Boobs/Norks/Tits/Jugs/Bazookas-Get Them Checked!

Yep, you’ve seen it right, today, I’m blogging about BOOBS!

Recently, after some issues with my right breast (and after putting it off for longer than I probably should’ve done), I decided to go to my local doctors to put my mind at rest.

Basically, my right nipple was itching.  Now, I’m well aware this sounds pitiful, but this wasn’t any old itch.  This was the kind of itch that made me want to rip my own breast off.  It itched so much it burned, and I started to worry that if it continued, I’d genuinely end up scratching said nipple off!

I never thought anything of it aside from being mildly irritated-I’m quite a scratchy person anyway (she says, painting the most attractive picture of herself).
Plus, I’d never really heard of reports to link itchiness to anything sinister.

Then, my Auntie, shared this post on Facebook…..

…..And I couldn’t help stare at number three.  It’s a funny old thing, fate-but I honestly think I was meant to see that post when I did.
It gave me the kick up the arse to get my norks looked at by someone other than my own self in a mirror.

So, this morning, I called my GP Surgery and got an appointment with a female doctor (I’m one of those women that isn’t entirely comfortable talking about “the girls” with a man).

While explaining the issue, I stared intently at the doctors reaction to see if she looked worried.
She was very thorough in her line of questioning, asking me if the issue was new, if the itchiness was in both breasts or just one, if I’d had any other changes, or had felt any lumps.
She also asked if I was comfortable with her examining me, and if I’d like a chaperone to which, in my nervous state, replied “nah you’re alright, you’ve got boobs too!

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She locked the door and I got the Babylons out.

She did a thorough physical examination, and, as I was questioning whether she should be pressing that hard/if it should be so uncomfortable, the bloody handle went on the door.
Now, we both knew deep down she’d locked that door, I’d seen her do it.  But, for a split second, we both forgot that it was locked-her hands flew up like she’d been threatened by police, and my hands went straight to the only place they were needed-the norks.

Nervous giggling ensued following our fright, and she got back to cracking on with her job, while I got back to counting the spots on the ceiling and wondering if she thought I should’ve lost my baby belly by now.

She ended up prescribing me with some steroid cream, after not finding any lumps, bumps or issues.
She said she was pretty certain, the itching is skin related rather than boob related, but if it persists, to come back!

I know I probably panicked more than I should’ve done-I’m one of life’s great worriers unfortunately.  But, I know so many people that have had more severe issues, than an itchy tit that ended up being skin related.  I know how important getting checked out for changes in breasts are.

So, if you’ve managed to not cringe out and stop reading half way through this-and are reading these words, and you have any of those changes in the picture my Auntie shared or anything you’re concerned about, nip to the doctor and get it checked out.  It could be nothing, like mine was-but it could be something that needs to be dealt with sooner.

Share this post-raise awareness, and look after those boobs!

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