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Did you know Sports Direct sell gifts?  Did you know that a lot of the gifts are £5 or under?
I certainly didn’t!  So, when BritMums challenged me to find five gifts over on the Sports Direct website-2 of which had to be £5 or under, I couldn’t wait to see what was on offer.


I’ll hold my hands up now, and say I went into this challenge, a little bit over-confidently.  I stupidly assumed, that there wouldn’t be many gifts available, especially under the £5 mark, and that I’d just choose five cheap gifts and checkout…..

….3 hours later, several conversations with my Husband, and I’d come to the conclusion, the dark horses at Sports Direct had pulled it out of the bag with their selection of, well, pretty much everything on their gift page.

Seriously, there’s so much choice, so many different gifts for all ages, and all at an incredible price!

I know you’re now probably desperate for me to tell you what I managed to get (after three hours), so, here’s my five for a fiver (well, almost-it’s actually 4 for a fiver, and one for £6 that I paid extra for).*



Aqua Park Bath Toy-Check it out HERE.

Perfect for little ones to have fun in the bath, this toy caught my eye-the accessories included made me think it would definitely be worth the £5!




2 in 1 Excavation Kit-Check it out HERE.

I mean, what child doesn’t like digging and dinosaurs!  With four fossils in each box to dig for, this is great for little explorers!



Dino Operation Game-Check it out here.

If you’re a fan of the original Operation Game, this is definitely for you!  Instead of a half naked man who’s body parts need taking out, you have to remove the parts from the dino body of Rex!

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16 Piece, Pink Doctors Set-Check it out here.

I fell in love with this-especially for a child who loves imagination play!  The 16 piece set comes with everything your budding physician will need to play doctor!



Disney Elsa Coronation Costume-check it out here.

This was the one item I paid extra for-and to be honest, it was totally the right decision.  From the costume brand Rubies, I’d have paid double the amount for this.  The quality, the sizing-it’s all perfect!


In all honesty, there’s much more of a selection on the website than I’d expected!  There’s a massive variety, for all ages, and at such an affordable cost!
Go over and check out the Sports Direct website-and grab yourself a bargain too today!

The only issue I did have, was the delivery packaging-the items were basically brought to me in a big bin bag, so the boxes did end up a little battered.  For the £4.95 postage cost, I would expect a box for the products at least.

*I’d also just like to add that the products (except the Elsa costume) were all £5 at the time of purchasing-I have noticed that the first item in this list has increased in price since I ordered it.

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2 thoughts on “BritMums ~ Fiver Challenge

  1. Kate says:

    I used to love my doctor’s set so very much and like a lot of your other choices too. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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