Christmas is coming! How to save money and grab bargains!

With Christmas on its way, and families still feeling the pinch with rising living costs (and low wages), it’s really easy to become overwhelmed with the mounting cost of Christmas presents!

I am glued to my phone in the last few months of the year-signed up to alerts on discount sites and Facebook pages.  There’s even Whatsapp groups now-sending you the latest deals to your phone!

My favourites are Sello Hot UK Deals (HUKD), and Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group-head over and check them out!

After writing lists, prices (and where the money to pay for things was coming from), it got me thinking where others get theirs from-and how they manage to afford Christmas every year.
So, I asked my fellow bloggers for their tips!


Debbie from My Boys Club said; Plan ahead and buy early when there are sales and think about what you can make yourself too.

Beth from Twinderelmo said; I hoard all our reward card points. I use the nectar points for the Xmas food shop and The Play Pennies Facebook page is great for toy bargains

Emma from Emma Reed said;  I must admit that we no longer buy for the adults in the family. As my son was born on Christmas day and with other little ones in the family, we prioritise them. It is always worth it to see their little faces light up. I am and always have been a last minute shopper and I do think that can have its perks because some stores bring out deals to clear their stock before the season ends. I tend to keep an eye on a few items and look for any buy one get another half price etc because the same gifts often work to prevent arguments! 

Victoria from Lylia Rose said;  I’ve already started my shopping and I check the sale items in the supermarket every time I shop. I’ve been doing it since August and have managed to pick up Yankee candles as presents for less than half their usual price as they were reduced to clear! The huge jars for only £5! Such a bargain. I check on every weekly shop and it helps to spread the cost out over weeks, instead of having to budget for a huge chunk in December.


Helen from My Crazy Family Story said; I save all year with park catalogue so I can afford Christmas although I have still had to cut back I use the Facebook group Bargain Buys for Busy Mums I managed to pick up a Xeno dragon that was listed there in amazon £19.99 should have been 79.99 it’s great for bargains all year round with five children you have to start early.

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Sarah from What The Kids Wore said; We have a standing order to transfer £10 pit of our account every Monday morning into a savings account. We save this up all year to pay for Christmas gifts and the additional food cost. We will dip into it towards Sept/Oct as many of the retailers will offer 3 for 2 on toys or 50% so we start buying early.

Claire from Big Family, Big Fun said; I enter lots of competitions & save anything I win for Xmas presents. I also collect freebies (make-up/perfume/food samples etc.) to make up little gift hampers (good for teachers gifts). More specific items, I make a list of what I’m looking for, and the retail price, then keep an eye out for sales/deals & special offers to get those things as cheap as possible. I also save up my Tesco Clubcard & Nectar points, as well as money earned from doing surveys throughout the year, to spend at Christmas.
I’m also a member of the Latest Free Stuff & Extreme Couponing UK groups, and follow Ashleigh Money Saver and a few other Facebook bargain pages to find good deals too .


How do you source bargains for presents/things you need?  Do you use a bargain site/Facebook groups? Are you a coupon queen/king? What’s the best bargain you’ve managed to bag yourself?


Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for their ideas!


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