Courier and delivery companies-when will they get it right?

Last week, I popped a little rant up on my Instagram after I’d had a couple of issues with DPD (courier service).  DPD who claim to be parcel experts had already irritated me with the attempted delivery of a parcel from a company I was reviewing products for, with an “attempted delivery” the week before.  Apparently, I hadn’t been in at the time of delivery, so they left it in my porch, and popped a card through the door.  Unfortunately, there was no card in my door-as I was in at the time, oh, and I don’t even have a porch. 

After filling the PR for the company in, they re-sent the parcel, and assured me I wouldn’t need to wait in for it, as they would leave it in a safe place if I was out.
On the day of the delivery, I did just that-I went out!  I returned home to find the parcel literally on the doorstep.  I’d love to tell you I live in a quiet area off of the main road, but I don’t.  Additionally, my doorstep and house is in full view of anyone who passes.
The safe place I assumed they’d leave it (I have a side area to my house where we keep our wheelie bins-they could’ve left it there) clearly wasn’t noticed, and, ironically, the card they left had the options “leave in a safe place” and “leave with neighbour”-neither option had actually been used, and neither side of the card had even been filled in!



My Dad and Step-Mum have had months of issues from Amazon-who claim to never be able to find their address.  Royal Mail manage it, and they don’t live in a cave without a postcode-but they’ve now had to start getting their parcels delivered to a local pick up point, because so many of their parcels never turned up!

Following this, and some brilliant (and concerning) comments on my social media post, of others experiences with couriers, I decided to ask my blogger friends for their stories.  Brace yourself guys, some of these are absolute corkers.


Victoria from The Growing Mum said; 2 days ago, whilst sat at home, we heard a loud crash from outside. Turns out that was our parcel from Amazon being thrown over the side gate. They didn’t even ring the door bell or knock on the door!

Laura from Autumns Mummy said; A couple of weeks ago, I had a Hermes delivery which was put in my garden recycling bin. I got it out of the bin after collecting my 15 month old from the childminder’s. It had been raining the night before and unknown to me, there was some garden waste in the bottom of the bin. My daughter was being tired and grouchy, so I rushed inside. I popped her and the parcel in the living room while I got on with her lunch so that she could eat before a nap. As anyone knows, a silent toddler is suspicious. When I looked into the room, she had of course found that the parcel was muddy and was smearing the mud over the floor and eating it off of her hands. I was not impressed!

Clare from Emmy’s Mummy said; I had personalised glasses made up for Christmas presents for the teachers gifts a few years back. My Hermes threw the parcel over the back gate……a box clearly marked fragile.

courierMaisie from Love, Maisie said; We ordered over £50 worth of coffee pods from Nespresso, which is delivered by Yodel. We had next day delivery but the next day came and we hadn’t received our order, so we went to have a look at the tracking to which it said “delivered”
After a good hour on the phone we were told that it had been delivered to a neighbour and adviser to ask next door if they had it(which they didn’t)
Three days later and a phone bill of £10+ we were told that it was with a house far down our street and then the driver “delivered” to our address.. only they hadn’t.. yet again.
A few hours later we found our parcel in front of our car parking space in the car park in front of our building! Shambles haha!

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Rachel from Illustrated Teacup said; Hermes are awful! We once had a card saying our parcel was behind the gate. It was. The brand new bottles I’d ordered had been thrown over our six foot gates into our back garden and been smashed to pieces on the concrete!

Jennie from Chilling with Lucas said;  I received an email from Parcel 2 Go to say my parcel had been delivered, not only that but it had been signed for by me. At the time I wasn’t in but my Grandad was waiting in for it as I knew it was due. My Grandad said no parcels had been delivered. We searched around the house/drive and couldn’t find it anywhere. I contacted the seller and Parcel 2 Go and all they could tell me was it had been delivered and signed for by me. 2 weeks later the neighbour (there is a field in between our houses) came round with the parcel, it had been left under a tree by their house and they had been on holiday.

Nyomi from Nomipalony said; When I was heavily pregnant with my first I had ordered a full nursery of furniture from Mothercare – who were using Yodel as a delivery company. I had chosen a day for it to be delivered and took the day off work, and it didn’t arrive! I complained and arranged for a weekend delivery. The next day it was delivered to a neighbour across my estate while I was at work. A bed, a wardrobe, a toy chest, a chest of drawers and a tallboy. All to a neighbour! Poor woman had just kindly said she’d take the delivery thinking it would be something small! Then I had to lug it across the street pregnant. I was so cross, after complaining they gave me £90 in vouchers as compensation.



Nikki from Glam & Geeky Mum said; This was left in a ‘safe place’ by Hermes. Thank god they wrote on the card they had hidden it under my door mat or I would have never even realised where my parcel had ended up!




So there you have it!  I’m not sure if I’m pleased it’s not just me that has these issues, or irritated that there are so many stories of issues for other people!

I’ll just add, since writing this, and receiving these stories, I had hoped, something would happen for me to be able to put a positive ending on this blog.

Unfortunately, yesterday, while I was unwell on the sofa, I overheard a DX delivery driver, verbally attack my Husband on our doorstep, because my Husband hadn’t realised the parcel would need signing for, and went to close the door (after saying Thank You I may add).  The courier then tutted loudly enough for me to hear in the front room, and shook his head.  When my Husband questioned the tut, he was met by more unacceptable behaviour and aggressiveness.

I get it, jobs are stressful, and I’m sure there are targets to be met, making it even more stressful.

However, I do not find any of the above stories acceptable.  Companies put their trust in these courier services, to deliver parcels efficiently and effectively.  According to the above stories, my own experiences, and the tons of other comments I’ve received following my issues with DPD, this is a regular occurrence.  One person actually told me, they didn’t trust any of them anymore.

This needs to change and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to write this post, to raise awareness with the courier companies and those who use them!

Thanks to all of my lovely bloggers, and everyone who shared their stories.


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5 thoughts on “Courier and delivery companies-when will they get it right?

  1. Keri Jones says:

    I can’t be doing with delivery drivers, too many bad experiences. Yodel for one who said I had to collect my parcel from their depot 60 MILES AWAY. Oh and I don’t drive! Luckily my husband does but that’s not the point. I lived in a block of flats (6 flats) at the time and I know at least one of my neighbours would have been in if they’d bothered to check. Also we left the security door open as all of us decided it was best for deliveries, and normally worked.
    Before this, so many times I had ‘delivered to neighbour’ but no house number on the card.
    Luckily where I live now things are a lot better but I dread the day it goes wrong (because it inevitably will with independant drivers who have to hit targets to make their base wage).

  2. Clare nicholas says:

    A great post, I’d giggle thinking it was a joke if I didn’t know better personally.

    I get that the deliveries really do need to be made that day, no one wants to redeliver. My husband was a delivery driver for a while and he only got paid once for the parcel so if he had to go back again to redeliver he didn’t get paid and was out of pocket.

    Something needs to be done

  3. Danielle says:

    I’m a regular receiver of parcels and so have a bit of a rapport built up with certain couriers and their drivers so things go without a hitch but every now and then we get a rogue one. When pregnant with my son we lived in a maisonette. I suffer with a spinal condition and had spd so could hardly walk and the driver came up the stairs to the door got a signature and left the cot and everything I’d ordered at the bottom of the communal steps for me to try and get up stairs by myself.

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