My Dad-A Daughters First Love

A blog I’ve been wanting to write for a long time seems perfect to do this weekend ready for my Dad’s Birthday.


“A daughters first love “

I read a lot of quotes, I use a lot-especially in my blogs, then I decide whether I believe them or not!  However, there’s not a shred of doubt that the above quote is 100% true.

The bond between me and my Father is unbreakable.  I trust him, I care for him, rely on him (perhaps too much sometimes) and love him more than any of the words in this entire blog could say.

I was born on his birthday, 39 minutes into his birthday to be exact. Every year since I can remember he always says “is it my turn this year?”.

Deep down, I hope he knows he doesn’t need to say that, because  I’d give him every birthday if that’s what he wanted!
Quite simply he deserves every birthday to himself, and as much as we joke each year about who’s turn it is, I hope he knows I would give every birthday celebration up to see him enjoying himself and happy.

He turns 62 this year, and, as each year comes around,  I find it harder and harder to be at peace with his age.  To be honest, I’m quite freaked out by the whole ‘My dad is in his 60s’ situation.
Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t act it at all, he’d probably argue and say his body felt that old, but he’s still the 30+ year old, that took me to learn to ride my bike, that took me to the fireworks every year-just us, that took me and my brother and sister to the Viking Ship at Pegwell for picnics, and that taught me how to be the person I am today.

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There’s just something about him getting older, by number not visibly, that does cause some anxiety in my silly old brain.  You see, I just couldn’t imagine a world without him in it.  He is and always will be my everything, on a different level to my husband, children, other family members and friends.  He is my hero and my inspiration and a world without him maybe isn’t worth thinking about.

So, I think for now I will treasure the next 38 years (because trust me, he’ll make sure he makes it to 100, even if it’s just to get the telegram to show me, his royalist of a daughter), and together we will remember the old memories, and make new ones! 


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