Days like these

Do you ever have those days where it takes all your strength, willpower, and patience not to tell people what you really think of them?   Come on now, it can’t just be me surely?

Call it what you will and for whatever reason (my husband often calls it “being hormonal”) but today is one of those days.

From the family member that can’t work out why things aren’t going right for her, when she does nothing to help herself, to the non-family members, using days like today (Fathers Day) to ask the world to pity them for members of the family they’ve lost, all the while not being that fussed really, just doing it for attention and getting vital information wrong.

I’ve seen it all today, illiteracy is my main issue. Why is it so hard for people who are supposed to be at University, to spell the worth Father. It doesn’t have an R in the middle!

Then there’s those true attention seekers, people who will post anything and everything to Facebook (I post a lot, but draw a line at really personal stuff).

I really didn’t want any blog posts to be negative, or any of me moaning, but seeing as I’ve got no one else to moan at, (also that this is far too long for a Facebook status), and this blog is about all of me, not just the nice positive bits, I’ll be publishing this one, completely aware that this may not be as liked as previous blogs.

‘Tomorrow’ as they say, is ‘another day’.

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