Easter gifting judgement-you do you babe!

So, I hadn’t planned this blog-I haven’t scheduled it-it’s being written at 8:30pm on Easter Sunday.

What’s prompted this rant/chat?
well that would be The amount of judgement I’ve seen on social media in the few short hours I’ve been home from my In-Laws, after a beautiful day with my family.


I think you can probably guess the judgement I’m referring to because of the title of this blog-but if you’re still in the dark, let me enlighten you.


Easter Gifting

Yes, apparently, it’s now acceptable for people to judge others on their Easter traditions and gifting decisions.

I’ve seen more than my fair share of statuses, Insta stories, Instagram posts, and tweets today, from people referring to; other peoples children as “spoilt”, to Easter being bigger than Christmas, and to gifting presents instead of eggs as “ridiculous”.

To confirm, I am a parent, who, along with an egg, will buy a present-ONE present for each of my children.  They also have a large family-so every single year, we end up with over a dozen eggs EACH for them, and, because of this, some family choose not to overload our children with even more sugar, but instead buy them a little something of the equivalent money.
As the Summer months approach, my Dad and Step-Mum, and my Husband’s parents, buy the children some Summer clothes too, to go with their eggs.

To address the above social media statements, made by people who think they have a right to comment on others lives;

  1. Yes my children are spoilt at Easter (and Christmas and Birthdays), but they deserve to be, because in my opinion, they’re bloody awesome kids.  Also, it’s mine and my Husband’s decision as their parents, to allow this to happen.
  2. Easter is obviously not as big as Christmas-this is a stupid statement.  I actually said to my Sister-In-Law today, that I prefer Easter as it’s not as big and overwhelming as Christmas (when my children get spoilt then too).
  3. Gifting presents instead of eggs, is not only healthier (obviously), but it’s also getting them something that they’ll use and enjoy-rather than something they’ll eat and quite possibly regret eating, when they’re seeing it come back up a couple of hours later.
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There are many traditions, cultures and beliefs around the world.  Some families don’t celebrate Easter-some don’t eat chocolate, some buy presents instead of chocolate and some make beautiful Easter baskets, filled with activities and treats.
Some people let their children eat chocolate for breakfast, some don’t.  Some people eat their kids Easter eggs when they’re in bed (not guilty I promise).

Regardless of what anyone else does, as long as you’re happy with your traditions, and your children are happy-what does it matter to you, about anyone else’s Easter?

You do you babe-don’t be focusing on others-and don’t try and make other’s feel bad about what they’re doing, just because it doesn’t fit in with what you do.


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4 thoughts on “Easter gifting judgement-you do you babe!

  1. Mandi says:

    It’s great how everyone has so much time to be judgemental! If you ask my younger children they will inform you they got 9 Easter eggs each, however what they actually got was one normal size egg from my parents and 8 small Easter chocolates that are 2 for £1. So each of my 7 children had less than £5 spent on them, they don’t care about the size, more about the Easter egg hunt they have every year! Regarding Easter gifts, we were buying playmobil figures for our eldest 20 years ago, The only difference is, it wasn’t broadcast all over social media!!!

    • admin says:

      I personally don’t think there’s any issue with putting posts up on social media-but people shouldn’t be worried about being judged because of what they put up and what they buy their children. X

  2. Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too says:

    We buy each of our children a gift, similar to what we would for Christmas. It is our choice to do so but don’t ram this down everyone’s throats on social media like some of the statuses I have seen today. I do feel that there is a difference between doing something because you want to do it and then doing something to show off.

    • admin says:

      I agree, however I also think if people want to post pictures on their Facebook that’s their prerogative, and they shouldn’t be worried about negative comments from people who don’t agree with the amount they’ve bought/their reasons for posting etc.
      Everyone should be free to make their own decisions without fear of being judged.

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