Elf on the Shelf (and other festivites)-Day 4

Good Evening!!!!

Apologies for the delay in getting today’s blog out-although its Sunday, and it was relatively restful, in the sense we didn’t go out, we were pretty busy around the house with other things!

On the elf front, the children woke this morning to find our Christmas tree was up!  The elves had also left the children Santa letter writing packs so they could send their Christmas present list to the man in red.

img_7378                                                    img_7377


They were super excited, and spent the following couple of hours, during breakfast/brunch, housework and dinner prep, asking constantly, when it was going to be time to decorate it!

We finally decorated it at lunchtime, and then after tidying up, sat down for a festive family film-The Grinch!!!!!


It’s been a lovely Christmassy day, and I’m loving the feel of the front room now the tree is up.  Before the children went to bed, they put their letters to Santa under the tree for the elves to take back to him in the North Pole.


I couldn’t choose which other pictures to share today, as we took quite a few, so here’s a little slideshow for you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow’s plans are not finalised yet, so not only will it be a surprise for the children, it’s now a surprise for me, my husband, and you my lovely readers too!  While you’re waiting though, feel free to pop over to yesterdays blog (if you missed it) here Elf on the Shelf-Day 3!!!!

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Until tomorrow……Elf you Later!

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