Elf on The Shelf-Day 1!

I’d like to introduce you to the infamous Jingles, who this year is visiting our house until Christmas Eve, with his “friend” Jangles!

Yesterday I shared our first Elf related excitement with you all, and showed you the children reading Santa’s letter, and sprinkling magic elf dust on the magic elf door!



In doing that, they have started the elf magic, and when they woke this morning, Jingles, Jangles and two lovely advent calendars (that they thought Mummy had forgotten to get), and a letter from them both, were waiting for them!

As you can see there was much excitement, and ……..

Here’s a little video of the excitement from this morning (once again, I’m not a professional videographer-this is a basic home video).

So now Jingles has a friend to make mischief with!  Tonight, they begin their first Elf related antics, and I’ll be publishing a new blog every single day to show you what they get up to and the children’s reactions!


Happy Elfmas!

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