Elf on the Shelf-Day 2

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Well! Yesterday went down well!  Not that I thought it wouldn’t-it’s just Olivia didn’t remember anything about last years antics as she was too small to remember, so I was slightly concerned she may freak out at the thought of two small freaky looking elves (let’s face it they’re not the prettiest of toys are they!)

So this morning was the children’s first proper “mischief making” discovery!

I decided to do the toilet roll antic that we did last year, where you put the elves in toilet rolls, run the rolls all the way down the stairs, around the house etc.  But this year we have two to get up to mischief, which means double the toilet roll!

Fast forward to this morning, when they started down the stairs, and straight away found the first part of the toilet roll.  After following it down into the front room, they headed straight for Jangles, who had covered Kye’s school shoes, and Olivia’s purple boots in tissue.

When you see the video, you’ll hear my apparent shock at the state of the front room-this is because before my husband came to bed last night I asked him to cover the TV, and although he did that, he also wrote the HIYA, you can see on the floor!  So my shock wasn’t feigned, it was real surprise!

I questioned where Jingles was they followed the trail to the conservatory, where they found him wrapped inside the roll.

img_7319                               img_7320

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The reaction from my daughter especially was hilarious-at one point she was actually screeching with excitement!


After the excitement, as you heard the children say during the video, Mummy had to clear it all up!

In the first letter Santa sent the children regarding the elves, he mentioned that I should tell him if the elves were naughty-so that’s now what I’ve said I’ll do!

Tomorrow, a nice treat will be left for them both, as an apology for today’s behaviour-which will be shown on here tomorrow!!!


Until then…….Keeeeeeeep Elfing!!!!!

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