Elf on the Shelf-Day 3


Yesterday, the naughty little elves, put toilet tissue all over my house!  The children were outraged! (You can see more about yesterday’s antics here – Elf on the Shelf-Day 2.)

When Santa first sent the elves, he left a letter for the children with strict instructions about me reporting back to him if the elves were naughty!

So today, the children woken to a very tidy house, and a colouring book from the elves, along with a letter apologising!

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They were super excited to recieve gifts from the elves as an apology, and are now under the impression, there will be no more mess (oh how little they know!)

Tonight is a pretty big one…..for weeks I’ve been pretending I’m too busy to get the decorations out of the loft and put the tree up-so I’ve told the children we’ll do it next Sunday (the 11th).  Little do they know, while me and the children were downstairs earlier, Daddy rushed to the loft to get all the decorations and the tree out.

Tonight, while the children sleep, the elves will put the tree up, ready for them to decorate tomorrow!  They’ll also be leaving the letter packs for the children to write to Santa!

Keep watching this page, and all my social media pages, for the next blog about our little mischief makers! (And the Elves!)

Until tomorrow……..

Stay Elfy!

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