End Of Term

Today was always going to be emotional.  Ignoring the fact I’m a complete wuss anyway and cry at pretty much anything, today was the last day of Reception class for my boy.

This morning, just like the morning of his first day at his school, I took a photo of him ready to go in.  The differences aside from the obvious ones, the new house and the fact he had shorts on instead of trousers, weren’t visible until I put the photos side by side.

Visually, his little round baby face has turned into a little boy’s face, less round, more long.  His hair is lighter, and styled now.  His once, short, pale, little legs, are now longer, with more colour in them (and more bruises!)

What you can’t see in the photos is the difference in him as a person.  

He was already clever 10 months ago, he could write his name, count to 20, he was able to read small words.  Now, he is top of his class in reading and writing, and is counting to 100.  He is polite, well mannered, caring, loving, happy, funny and way beyond his 5 years.  

I can’t take credit for any of this. He comes home to me at 3:10 and the most I do of an evening is have him read to me.  At the weekends, I let him rest and do what he wants, unless we have plans.  The credit is to his teacher and teaching assistants.  They’ve put in the hours with him and moulded him into the amazing little man he is today. 

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The pride and sadness etched on his teachers face today as he hugged her and said goodbye was clear to see.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to spend the best part of a year with 30 children in your care then have to say goodbye to them!  

I can’t find enough words to say how grateful I am to her and her assistants.  I can’t find enough words to explain to my boy how unbelievably proud I am of how much he’s learnt, and how he’s grown as a person.  

For now, I’ll hold back the tears that have threatened to escape all day, and maybe have some more cuddles with my boy, who’s mine for a whole 6 weeks from now!



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