What Are Your Favourite Things About Autumn?


Autumn is truly on the way people-there’s no getting away from it!

I’ll miss Summer, my tan, my flip flops, having the kids home, beach trips and, well, all things Summer really!
However, I cannot wait for Autumn-my Autumn boots, red hair, wrapped up walks with the kids, candles and little lights on, and evenings getting darker earlier.


I asked some of my fellow bloggers their favourite things about Autumn.

Helen from My Crazy Family Story, loves the darker cosy nights, Halloween, sunny frosty mornings and crunching the leaves that have fallen off the trees.


Victoria from Lylia Rose also loves kicking through the fallen leaves with her children all wrapped up!

Catherine from Mama Cat & Baby Bee said; Oh my…everything. Crisp air, pumpkins, Halloween, fireworks, dark evenings, back-to-school feeling, leaf kicking, conkers, jumpers, wool hats and scarves, new coats, lanterns, cosy evenings in, blankets, stews and pies.

from The Mum From Brum loves getting all of her comfy big cardigans and wooly hats out of the back of the wardrobe.  Beautiful skies criss-crossed with airplane vapour trails, the glorious colour of all the leaves before they fall and bonfire night!


Abi from Something About Baby said; My favourite thing about Autumn is that it’s nearly Christmas!!!!!


from Winnettes loves pumpkin spiced lattes, chunky knit jumpers and knee high boots! She thinks that Autumn is the best season.

Katy from Katy Kicker loves watching the leaves on the trees outside her home changing.

Lianne from AnkleBiters Adventures said; All the slow cooker recipes come out, coming in all cold to the smell of what’s cooking

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So what about you?  Are your favourite things about Autumn mentioned?  Or do you have something else you love about it?  Let me know!



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