Goodbye November-Hello December

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How is it December in one week-where did November go?!

I’m so excited for all things festive and December-ish (that’s a word now).  I’m so festive anyway, I get really hyped for the build up, the Santa visits, the look on my children’s faces when they’re excited, and in general the magic of it all!


This is generally how they look throughout December!

Even more reason for excitement for me this year, is that I’ve decided to take part in Blogmas/Vlogmas.  Now I don’t vlog, I probably never will properly, because I cannot bear to see myself on video!  However, last year we started Elf on the Shelf festivities from the 1st of December, and I posted videos of the children discovering the Elf each morning on my personal social media.  This year, I’ve decided to do my own version of Blogmas, and post a blog a day, with our Elf’s antics!  The reason I’ve said I’m kind of doing Vlogmas too, is because I’ve today set up Mayflower Blogs YouTube account.  Every day I’ll upload the video onto YouTube, then add it into the blog too for you all to see!

I’d like to reiterate I’m not a vlogger!  These videos will not be edited, they will be basic home video uploads of my children discovering what mischief our elves have been up to each day-so don’t expect a blockbuster film!

If you’d like to see each video as it gets uploaded to YouTube, click here and subscribe, to be the first to see each one!

Alongside the one-a-day Christmas Elf blogs, I’ve also got a few reviews coming out, one this weekend!  Keep an eye out for that one, as it includes an exclusive discount code just for my readers!

If you liked this blog, check out this one!  What a weekend!


Finally, I would once again like to thank everyone who read, liked, commented, shared and saw my “It’s The Night Before Christmas” blog.  On Facebook so far, it has been seen by 12,500 people, and that number is still rising.  I couldn’t have done that without my lovely followers, likers, friends, family and actually, a fair  few random people, sharing my post!  So thank you so much! (If you missed it, I’ll be sharing it throughout December, or you can click HERE to go over to the Facebook post, or go to the original blog post It’s The Night Before Christmas (a poem for grown-ups).

So that’s it for November from me guys!  I’ll see you in ONE WEEK, on the 1st of December for the first day of Blogmas!!!!!


Big loves, festive magic and Christmas feels for you all!



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