Influenced Toddlers

Today me and the littlest kidlet met up with our friends for some shopping and lunch.  We did the same last week and both weeks we have noticed just how influenced our toddlers can be!

Last week my friends little boy ‘H’ started shaking his head at the table at lunchtime.  Upon seeing his mummy tell him to stop my little lady decided it would be a good idea for her to start it too.  She then did it a couple of days later, promoting my husband to be very confused at this “new thing” she was doing . “Ah” I said, she learned that from ‘H’.  To which he shook his head too!

During the same lunch, (I’m unsure which child started it), they were copying each other shrieking and being generally loud.  Everytime one of us told the child to stop, the other would continue (I suppose you could call that “tag teaming”).   

Today when my friend went to order her food, ‘H’ asked me where Mumma had gone. After telling him, my little lady then decided to start shouting Mumma at the top of her voice.  Once again, I told her to stop. ‘H’ then took over yelling it, (only so much he’ll listen to me really, not being his mum!)

I’m pretty sure it’s not just our two, even though they do spend quite a lot of time together, they can’t be that much in sync, but I’m intrigued. Do your children do it? If so what kind of things have they done?

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For now I think it’s best to ignore it where possible, we seem to have given them motivation to continue when we tell them to stop.

The life of a toddler eh! 

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