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Hello again!

This blog may be a tad on the dull side but I do think it’s really important for you to know at least something about the person blogging! Personally I can’t relate to someone I know nothing about lol. So here goes-The Mayflower Family!

1. The Husband

A curious creature who after 5.5 years of marriage and 10 years together I still haven’t entirely worked out. He’s currently mid-way through his 29th year and I’m pretty sure he’s hoping for as little fuss as possible for the big 30!

He snores like a warthog (do they all do that?). He leaves his large collection of shoes, socks and boxers laying around.                               He can’t go to the shop with a list or without one. Because either way he comes back with cake and random things that we didn’t need.

He is though, the nicest, caring, accepting man I think I’ve ever met. He dotes on his children, and has recently been promoted to manager at work, in half the time it takes others to get there.

He also has a heart of gold and I wouldn’t have him any other way (well maybe just a little less snoring?).

2. The eldest child

AKA by many other names, mainly given by me (eg, sausage, bubs, baby), he appears to have a small problem with flatulence! I’m unsure if this is a normal 5 year old boy issue, but the fact of the matter is, he stinks. He’s a typical boy, smelly, messy, but utterly handsome and charming at the same time!

Now at school age, we are now faced with the rollercoaster of school life, the attitude of a 13 year old, but also him making us proud every day, with the amount he learns-a sponge for knowledge!

3. The Baby

Don’t be fooled by this one-that’s my advice on the littlest member of our family (not counting the goldfish).

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She is technically a toddler. She however, seems to think she’s 5! She copies EVERYTHING her big brother does and finds it very funny to see us running about panicking as she takes another leap off of something large and high!

At the grand old age of 20 months, she has decided there will be no in between with her mood choices.  We are susceptible to random swings in said mood, on an hourly basis. These swings literally go from very good, to very bad.

I love her more than words can say-but honestly, if I’d had her first, I wouldn’t have had anymore for fear of not coping!

Aside from the devil within, she is a happy (most of the time), beautiful, funny little lady and along with her brother, complete our little family!

4. I suppose this is me!

Mrs Mayflower here!

About to enter my last year of my 20’s, I’m a full time SAHM, in a lovely new house we have been in 2 weeks!

I don’t really have any skills, I’m not arty, I can bake a bit but nothing major, I’m not great at remembering the majority of the places I’m supposed to go to/be at or the people I’m supposed to be going with, and I’m the kind of person people either love or hate! Marmite Me!

I can however, talk, type and spell (90% of the time) and I think this is the best thing for me right now.

Thats us!

As the subtitle suggests-that’s us!

I hope you’ll follow our little world and stories we might want to share with you.  I can’t promise they’ll all be filled with joy and hilarity but they’ll be truthful and fair.

Thanks for reading again!

Mrs Mayflower

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