Is it just me?

Biggest kidlet came home from school today, telling the usual stories about his day, had lunch with this person, played with this person etc.

Then he tells me about a little girl from his class who was off yesterday. She came back today, but by lunchtime she felt poorly again, so was in the office with a bowl to be sick into.  Then he mentions he’s felt a bit sick today too. 

A major sick bug went round the school a couple of weeks ago, which the boy caught, subsequently missing his first ever sports day.  He didn’t get it too badly, but had to have 48 hours off of school after the last bout of sickness, due to the schools policy.  This seems to be a rule some decide not to listen to. 

I’m intrigued as to what reason people could possibly have not to follow this rule? Is it that you’re too busy to have your child? Or that you genuinely don’t think about all the other people you could possibly affect with your decision not to keep your child off?  Because that’s all I think about, my son, then him giving it to my daughter, or me, or my husband.  There are pregnant women, newborn babies, elderly relatives, in each family and no one seems to think of those people. 

Right now, I’m keeping a close eye on the boy.  I find it unlikely that he’ll get another bug so soon after the last one, but anything is possible, and as we all managed to miss it last time, I find it hard to believe we’ll miss it this time. 

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Sometimes I just struggle somewhat to understand why people make the decisions they do.  

Rant over!


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4 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. ladydeleau says:

    It is definitely a struggle. Sometimes it is really hard to see where the parent is coming from. I had one who wanted to know if she could bring her screaming, crying, super sick baby back to school if the doctor said she was fine. I mean, technically, yeah, but the baby needed her mother. Could the mom really not keep her child for a few hours of the afternoon? I don’t know. It’s difficult.

    • mayflowerblogs says:

      I can see that people need to work and can’t take time off to look after their kids but they’re putting so many other families at risk sending their kid into a class of 30 others.

      • ladydeleau says:

        Yes that’s very true. And then the older kids get worried about missing class or being penalized, which is just ridiculous. It invites illness into the school.

        • mayflowerblogs says:

          Yeah that’s true too. I think thought, if there’s a clear school policy for the amount of time after sickness that a child should have off then that’s the only guideline needed to be adhered to. If they’re picked up for being off for a long period of time, they can then say “but it’s your policy…..” Etc. x

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