It’s The Night Before Christmas (a poem for grown-ups)


It’s the night before Christmas, and all through the town,
Parents everywhere are close to break-down.
The stockings were hung earlier that night,
But now they’re back down and not feeling light.

The children are sleeping all warm in their beds,
While Mummy’s lists rattle around in her head.
While Daddy just stands there and looks at the mess,
Wondering what he can do for the best.

And then it is time to bring gifts out from hiding,
Put them all in one room, and begin the dividing.
Make a space for the ‘special’ ones, work out who’s whose,
When it all gets too much, ask the Daddy for booze.

The moon is threatening to turn into the sun,
Daddy bravely asks, are you nearly done?
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
The very last present, the end is so near!

With a tweak and a shuffle, a shove and a squeeze
The presents are balanced, afraid of a breeze.
A mobile is grabbed, a photo is taken
Share to all on Facebook, so no one’s mistaken.

Hey Dasher, Hey Dancer! Oi Prancer and Vixen!
Not sure of the others, maybe there’s Blitzen?
Any of you really, plus an elf would’ve been,
A welcome addition to this festive scene.

All is complete, the room is all ready.
Too much excitement, Mummy is heady!
The scene taken in one more time for effect,
It’s time now for bed, Daddy does not object!

Daddy takes no time at all to drop off,
While Mummy lays stiffly, not daring to cough.
She thinks about cold, winter days, long ago,
When Santa arrived, in his sleigh, through the snow.

His suit was all red, his hair big and curly,
His boots black and shiny, his build-rather burly.
A bundle of Toys he had packed in a sack,
That would sit in the sleigh, on the seat at the back.

His eyes-so enchanting! His face, always smiley!
His cheeks were all rosy, he acted quite shyly.
He ate the mince pie they left out on a plate,
Took the carrots to Rudolph and his reindeer mates.

Then all of a sudden Mummy stops day-dreaming,
The realisation hits, that familiar feeling,
Now it was them, her and Daddy each year,
Filling the children with such festive cheer.

They moan and they pout, through the month of December,
How stressful it was but they wouldn’t remember,
They’d moaned last year too, but on Christmas Day,
It all was forgotten, all gone away.

Yes, they’d done most of it, and yes they were tired,
But the effort put in should be admired.
The children would feel the magic once more,
All stress would be worth it (like the year before).

And now they had made that peace in their heads
They closed their eyes tightly and rested in bed.
To themselves they whispered as their eyes closed up tight,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!”


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