Kitchen Essentials/Wish List

Today, I’m writing a Home Essentials post for kitchens, including things I already have,  but also things I’d really like!

All three of these things save money on electricity too, so they really pay for themselves in the end!
I have three things in my kitchen, and you’ll be surprised because they’re not everyone’s cup of tea (its not a kettle).
Slow cooker
I literally couldn’t live without my slow cooker.  I use it more than I use my microwave or oven!  I’m part of several hundred, (slight over exaggeration-  but it’s a lot) slow cooker groups on Facebook, and I’ve come to realise you can do A LOT in a slow cooker.
So much in fact, that I’ve ended up with two-one 6.5L one and one 3.5L one.
I love being able to stick a load of ingredients in, and hop off to the shops or school runs not worried about have to be back to get dinner on or stand over a hob.

I have really basic slow cookers at the moment, both are Supermarket own brand ones, but I thought I’d add a quick picture of my dream slow cooker, you know, just in case anyone wants to gift me an £80 at any point in the near future.  (It stirs itself people, come on!)


Crock-Pot 5.7L Autostir Slow Cooker



I hear you, I hear you-this isn’t classed as an essential in most people’s homes.  However, I have come to realise, this really is something we should all have.  It’s cheap to run, you can add whatever you like to what you make, so you know what’s going into your bread, and most importantly (to me anyway), you save money not buying tons of loaves each week (we eat a lot of bread)!

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I’m on the lookout for a new bread maker, and have come across these-a new range of Breadmakers by Panasonic! Genuinely believing they only made TVs etc, I was interested to see they actually do a lot more, and these Breadmakers look amazing!

I couldn’t choose which one I wanted more, so here’s a screen grab of them all, and a link to their page for you to see for yourself!  Check them out HERE.

Breadmakers by Panasonic

And finally……A Steamer

Why did I not use one of these from the moment I became a grown up?
The amount of saucepans and hob space I need to cook the amount of vegetables my kids go through, and all that time I could’ve been using a three tiered steamer that also cooks rice, chicken and fish and!

I have a basic supermarket one of these too, and assumed they’re all pretty much the same, but how’s is for a dream steamer.


Philips HD Steamer

Those are my kitchen essentials, but I’m intrigued as to what yours are?

Let me know via the comments section or via my social media!


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3 thoughts on “Kitchen Essentials/Wish List

  1. Clare says:

    I have all of these! I don’t use my breadmaker half as much as I should but I might go get it out now and make some nice bread to go with a slow cooker soup maybe? You’ve inspired me! haha. I couldn’t live without my steamer either, I have one that goes on the hob but it is THE best thing ever!!

    • admin says:

      Oh my god I love making soup in my slow cooker! I made a turkey and veg one the day after Boxing Day and froze it into batches. It’s got us through our winter colds!

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