Long Car Trips-Tips and Tricks for a Happier Journey

So today, we’re off to Dorset on our Haven Holiday!  We live in Kent, so the journey is long (4 hours long to be precise), and to say I’ve been dreading it, would be an understatement.


Without Kye tackling his travel sickness, there’s also keeping his little sister occupied with him for the hours and hours that we’re going to be on the road!

We’ve only ever been in the car for a maximum of 90 minutes before, so I’ve literally zero idea about entertaining them for any longer than that!

Because of this, I asked my lovely blogger friends for their tips and tricks on handling the long journey!

from Better Together Home said; Sticker books are a lifesaver! And lots of snacks!

Renee from Close Enough To Kiss said; An empty DVD case with paper cut to size and crayons or pens. Handy to keep in the car and super fun when they get bored.

Carol from Family Makes said; I wouldn’t give them anything which has potential to be dropped (and cried about), smeared or used as a weapon, or has potential to distract the driver. The whole reason for this post is that it’s happened too many times for us, and we want to get it right this time!  Oh, and take a bucket – it will be the most useful piece of equipment you pack, for one reason or another. Trust me!

Julie from mummyitsok said;  If your really having trouble keeping them entertained you can always resort to them watching YouTube on a tablet – don’t know why but watching other kids open surprise eggs seems to keep them entertained and quite for ages!

Rebecca from Kizmetcava said; My top tip is to have a whiteboard and some colourful whiteboard pens at hand. My kids spend so much time playing with these, and they have done for years. We keep these in the car at all times and they are used every journey.

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So grateful for my lovely blogger friends tips here!  Thanks ladies!


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