Mayflower Blogs is 1 today! A little round-up and celebratory giveaway!


1 whole year, of blogs, reviews, comments, shares, editing, learning, vlogging and everything in between!


I genuinely never assumed I’d get to this point-I worried at the beginning that I’d not be very good at this writing lark, and maybe my unorganised mind would mean I wouldn’t cope.

A year on and I look back at all I’ve achieved-not seeing stress and unorganised chaos (not most of the time anyway), but with pride and happiness at the goals I’ve set and achieved, and the opportunities I’ve been given.

In the last year I’ve written 235 blog posts (this is number 236), worked with 59 companies, businesses and PR’s, and attended a good few events and days out.


I’ve written about everything and anything-bullying, alcoholism, miscarriage, mental health, my kids, my health, lifestyle, parenting, home life, reviews, and complete randomness.
I’ve been asked more times than I can remember, what my niche is-and still now, a year on, I don’t have an answer, and will hopefully never have one-I genuinely think your work and style speak for themselves.  If I can write about everything and anything-I will!

I’ve been featured in a national magazine, discussing my miscarriages and my PTSD, my children have had magical experiences, and we were gifted our first family holiday.

Because of all of this, and regardless of all of this-nothing changes the reason I began writing, and the reason I’ll continue to write.

I want to help others feel less alone in their lives, when faced with similar issues to mine.  I want to make people laugh with my writing, to cheer people up.  I want to feature other incredible bloggers-those I speak to, follow and look up to every single day.

I have no idea what the next year holds-but as I clicked the purchase button on the domain renewal screen for my website, I knew that I loved what I do so much, that right now I never want to stop.

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As I mentioned above, I’ve worked with some pretty incredible companies and businesses-so incredible, that when I mentioned my website was turning one, they offered to help me out with a giveaway bundle for my readers.

From now until the end of October, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a competition to win (wait for it);

Today9 Mallowpops from Boomf.
1 750ml bottle of Rose Lemonade from Fentimans.
1 ‘Tired Mums Club’ tshirt from Momma Makes.
A bundle of books from Life’s Little Bugs.
1 bundle of Animal story magazines and 1 bundle of Fairytale magazines from Storytime Magazines.
A pudding making box from The Pudding Post.
A bundle of brand new wax melts from Pick ‘n’ Melt.
A voucher worth £49.99 for tea for two with bubbly from Find Me A Gift.
A family infra-red thermometer from Oblumi and Bubblebum.

This incredible bundle is worth over £200!!

To enter-add your details into the Gleam widget below!  Good Luck!




Finally, it’s just left for me to thank everyone-anyone I’ve worked with/for, those who have supported me from the beginning and continue to do so now, as Mayflower Blogs enters it’s second year.
A special thanks has to go to my husband, for supporting me the most, moving work shifts, and doing school pickups when I was swanning around London at an event, comforting me when I had a banging headache after working for 5 hours solidly on the laptop, and congratulating me every time I hit another milestone on social media, or my views increase on blog posts.

Here’s to another year of, well, this!

Happy Birthday Mayflower Blogs!!!!!!

Mayflower Blogs

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373 thoughts on “Mayflower Blogs is 1 today! A little round-up and celebratory giveaway!

  1. Tracey Willson says:

    Well done to our amazing daughter-in-law Jemma! So proud of what you have achieved and of all the hard work that you have put in!
    Here’s to another successful year! Xx

  2. Tracey Willson says:

    So proud of our daughter in law Jemma! You have done an amazing job, all the hard work is paying off!
    Lots of love from Tracey and Richard xx

  3. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    Happy birthday to you 🎶
    Happy birthday to you 🎶
    Happy birthday mayflower blog
    Happy birthday to you 🎂🎁 xxx

  4. Fiona jk42 says:

    Happy Blogiversary. Awareness of the impacts of miscarriage and baby loss definitely need to be increased, so hats off to you for doing your bit.

  5. Tracy B says:

    Happy birthday! And thank you for the competition! I’m a new reader but look forward to many more years ahead…with a cuppa and lots of cake 😉

  6. Rhia says:

    Congratulations! Loads to be proud of, and in such a short space of time too. Keep at it mama!
    Happy birthday, first of many to come 🙂 x

  7. Jo Carroll says:

    Happy 1st Blogiversary MFB! You are a mere pup when it comes to the blogging world but you found your feet so quickly…you’ll soon be a leader in the pack. x

  8. Niki Marie Wardle says:

    Happy first birthday Mayflower Blogs! Congratulations on your first year of achievments, and heres to many more xx

  9. Laura Cooper says:

    Happy birthday! Having tried blogging briefly I know it’s a lot of hard work to keep the momentum going and to build up support and connections, so well done and keep going.

  10. Lia Burns says:

    A massive happy birthday, i am so glad I discovered your blog a few months ago. Love reading your posts, your reviews are great and the competitions are amazing too!
    Lots of love xx

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