When Meeting Your Idol Goes Wrong

Did you ever meet someone you really looked up to, someone that empowered you to do what you now do?

Did you imagine a day would come when you’d come to face to face with them, and they’d be everything you’d imagine?

I did.  And that’s probably where it all went wrong.

You see, now I’ve experienced the meeting of my idols going wrong, I realise that we completely idealise what these people are going to be like in “real life”.  You see them behind a screen, behind Facebook/Instagram videos.  You read their stories, follow their lives.-and you paint a picture of what they must be like.

Not so long ago, I had the chance to meet three-yes three-of my blogging idols.  I’d fan-girled over one of them since before I began writing, even more so since I started the blog, and realised they blogged too.  To have the opportunity to see three of them all in the same room was possibly one of the most exciting things for me.

They happen to all be friends with each other now, close in their success, celebrating each others achievements-an indication of how kind I thought they’d be.


I’m pretty certain we all start off in the same place-at the beginning.  So why do those who have achieved more, find it so easy to forget their humble beginnings when meeting someone in that same starting position.
Looking down their noses at those who turned to see them, they stood with the air of celebrity, I personally hadn’t though of any of them having before.

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After spending my life, avoiding cliques, these three women, who write about being strong, and independent, were stood avoiding anyone who didn’t look like they’d fit in with them.

Maybe it’s me-maybe I imagined them to be too good, more kind, at least humble.  All I found were three women who did their best to ruin that expectation, and disappoint not only me, but others who were there to see them too.

After all that disappointment, I’m now intrigued;

Is it best to leave meeting your idols if you get the chance-for fear of being desperately disappointed?  Or do we take a risk-and hope just one remembers where they started?
I really don’t know the answer-but in my line of work, the chances of meeting more of my idols is high-as is now the fear of their true selves.

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One thought on “When Meeting Your Idol Goes Wrong

  1. Clare says:

    In my brain if I ever meet Justin Timberlake he will fall madly in love with me and run away from his gorgeous, talented and rich wife in favour of a life with me, right? RIGHT!? Haha, seriously though, this is exactly what makes me socially awkward, the anxiety of meeting people who go on to look down their noses at you. I don’t think even if I had the opportunity to meet my bloggy idol (It’s Louise Pentland btw, blogger and youtube extraordinaire!) I would retreat and hide, I have every faith she is as sweet and funny in real life though!

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