Missing:Female Solidarity


Not so long ago, I was verbally attacked from out of the blue, without provocation of the other person, via a well known social network.

The person attacking me?  A fellow woman.

Her words have played on my mind since I received the messages, not because I’m hurt by them, but because slowly, I’m losing my faith in womanhood and solidarity amongst other women.

Most days I find myself on the other end of a fellow females harsh words or opinions on my life choices, my appearance, the friends I choose, and even my past decisions or life choices!

I’m not going to go into detail about what was said, because I’ve come to realise, she doesn’t deserve the exposure.

Instead, I will say, to the women who feel the need to bring themselves down to a level so low, that they berate others for things that should never be used to define people, you have absolutely no place in the society I think we need.

Since dealing with people thinking they can throw hurtful comments around, I have noticed, slowly, but surely, the different cliques and groups of girls hating girls are having the tables turned by those they’re choosing as their “next victims”.


More and more I’m seeing, groups forming wherever I go, and the victims these people choose to take their issues out on, are forming their own groups.

These are not groups of people who want to take others down, but who plainly share their stories, who share their hurt and damage they’ve received from others.

If this is how life is to continue, if we’re to live knowing at any point we could be subjected to abuse and character assassinations, sometimes by people that don’t even know us, I will pin my hopes on the victims of these verbal attacks, taking over.  Not to do harm but to show how in the end, there is still female solidarity in the world.

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I will bring my daughter up, exactly how I was brought up, being empowered by fellow human beings, especially strong, independent women, no matter what they wear, how they look, or what choices they decide to make with regards to their lives.

Women should empower women.

Women should support women.

Solidarity amongst women should never be jeopardised or squandered.



Please remember this blog, for the people it stands up for, and for the people it stands against.


Signing off,

One Woman



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3 thoughts on “Missing:Female Solidarity

  1. Henrietta M Ross says:

    How awful for you. If ascend me the way people behave, esp on social media. Would they have the balls to be so rude and judgemental to your face? I don’t it.

    You don’t need people like that in your life. Can understand being pessimistic about women generally. But, there are a few decent ones left. Promise x

  2. pickle says:

    I’m often left in disbelief at the way women treat each other, knowing the struggles faced by women through history & presently, it amazes me that any human being can be so vile toward another, there is no place for that & no call. It’s disgraceful behaviour in any circumstance. Unfortunately it is a very common theme that women are so judgemental, spiteful & bitchy toward other women & not just to strangers but friends too! Personally I’ve only ever really had one good woman friend in any given period of my life whom I truly trust, basically owing to your exact words! Women should stand shoulder to shoulder, support each other, understand & empathise, we should all be setting an example for our children, in particular our little girls & hope that one day our looks, the clothing we wear, our choices & decisions do not define who we are or what we are perceived to be.

  3. Tara says:

    What an awful woman, hopefully she is the exception rather than the rule. I’m lucky to have supportive female friends who have never questioned my choices/circumstance even though it is different to theirs. I know it’s hard but I wouldn’t let this woman get to you. Sending supportive vibe across the Internet.

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