Netflix and Binge-What Are Your Favourites?

Forget Netflix and Chill, it’s all about Netflix and Binge!

During the last few months, I’ve managed to watch all 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory over on Netflix, and am currently about to finish the entire five seasons of Homeland.

I really enjoy something I can not only get straight into, but not have to wait another week until the next episode.

The hubs is currently making his way through Prison Break-so often we’re watching two different binge shows at the same time-him on the TV and me on the iPad!

I usually go to my cousin Charlotte when I need new binge-watch ideas, (which is why I’ve ended up watching the above to programmes) but I decided this time round to ask some of my lovely blogger friends, their recommendations on binge-worthy series.



Laura from Mum On A Mission said;  Sons of Anarchy. Binged on it three times already!

Emma-Louise from Even Angels Fall said; Sense8 was amazing!! Two seasons and I am gutted it’s been cancelled now.

Vikki from Family Travel With Ellie said; Orange is the New Black – fantastic and most definitely binge-worthy! 

Sarah from Digital Motherhood said; Pretty Little Liars! So far fetched and predictable but addictive!

Sinead from Sinead Lathham said; Gilmore Girls…..I loved getting lost in Stars Hollow and you get to say “ooooo they are so young” when you spot a familiar face.

Debbie from Hello Deborah said; 
Person of Interest. It’s something a bit different in the crime genre and I was hooked from the beginning. 
Rachel from The Daisy Pages said; White Collar. It’s a crime/drama series with a twist, clever plot lines and very likeable characters. I’m sadly on the last series….though there has been six so I shouldn’t complain!

Clare from Mumsy Midwife said; 
Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Just amazing writing and fantastic storylines. Can’t beat a gritty drama. 

Ronnie from Dear Babies said; 
You, Me, Her. Awesome-about a couple who add a third person into their marriage. It’s as good/bad as you imagine.

Jo from Pickle & Poppet said; Black Mirror – Just really gripping storylines. Quite shocking but definitely catch your attention.

Claire from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes said; The Crown. I loved it, and have taken it all to be absolute fact! 

Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris said; Scream TV Series. Honestly brilliant, keeps in theme with the movies style where there are horror rules!! But it’s gorey!

Samantha from North East Family Fun said; House of Cards – Kevin Spacey at his best! Full of politics, drama, power struggles, devotion and plot twists!

Samantha from Big Stevie Cool said; The OA – The strangest thing you will ever watch but strangely as addictive as it is surreal.

Lisa from Mummie Gummie Blog said; 
I loved Santa Clarita Diet! It’s a bit of strange and gross concept but really funny and compulsive watching! I watched the whole series in 2 days! Plus it’s got Drew Barrymore in it and she’s great!
Right then ladies, thanks for those recommendations!  I’d better get started!!!!
What about you?  What are your favourite binge-worthy shows on Netflix at the moment?  Let me know in the comments!
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