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I’m awake. Still. I come to bed at 7 every night (except Saturday’s and Sunday’s, which are spent with the husband watching the weeks tv). I’ll be honest, I love the quiet. 

So why at this time most nights am I still awake?
Every night, you could ask me that question and I guarantee I’d have an answer. Tonight’s reason is simple. 

Tonight I’m on Mummy duty. 

Today after her nap, little Miss Mayflower woke with the most horrendous rash I’ve ever seen. 

RASH is one of those words you never want to see as a parent when describing one of your offspring. 
It doesn’t matter what kind it is, you’re always second guessing what kind it could be; Is it raised? Is it hot to touch? Is it close together or is it more “spot” like? Where’s that glass-let me press it on this patch. 

It’s just one of those symptoms you can’t and never ignore, you never take lightly and you most definitely ALWAYS Google!

Or is that just me? Trawling through google images of “close together bumpy rash” photos. Then checking the rash name with the symptoms and realising your child has no symptoms that come close to that rash. 

So you narrow it down to what you think it could be. That’s the best you can do when you’re at home and NOT a doctor. 

Then comes out the antihistamine. Most rashes described by “Doctor Google” have said give antihistamine. Then you take their temperature. Which today came back fine-leaving me to ponder further what this mysterious rash could be…..
Fast forward 5 hours after said child went to bed, and here I am, after checking on her-basically every 30 minutes, (from top to toe) as best I can without waking her (with my phone torch as close to her skin as was possible without waking/blinding her), and there’s no rash. It’s gone. 

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All that worry, all that anxiety, (all that googling!) And it’s gone!

What happened during pregnancy that I’m now suddenly programmed with this need to stay awake to check on my children constantly. I wouldn’t have done that with my husband before we had children! I never knew what people meant when they said you love your children unconditionally but I’m pretty certain this is what it means. 
Because personally, I can’t see many other reasons, aside from unconditional love, that would make me do this for anyone!

Best be off-more checking will be happening in a matter of minutes!

Thanks for reading!


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