Why I don’t buy organic/good-for-the-planet products

Nobody panic-I’m not trying to ruin the world-I really like the world I live in, I absolutely understand the need for saving it, and would genuinely help out if I could.

Let me start over, and explain what’s prompted this blog today.

Do you follow TGCO (This Girl Can Organise) over on Instagram?  Honestly this woman is my hero-aside from being an absolute stunner, she can organise pretty much anything, her house is spotless, and she shows off the BEST products I’ve ever seen in my life (seriously guys, check out the mop hoover she has!)

She also does a hell ton of stuff to help save the planet.  From re-using those annoying plastic fruit tubs from supermarkets to organise her fridge, to trying to buy as little plastic as possible-and everything in between-she does it.

I watch her Insta-stories and read her posts in awe-I watch her show things that can help organise your life, and help the environment, and do you know what I come away with?  Frustration.

How I would love to buy a cleaning product that doesn’t expel unnecessary toxins into the atmosphere. And wouldn’t it be great to buy bamboo cotton buds instead of the regular ones.



Additionally, I follow other people on Instagram, who show their meal plans and cooking ingredients-full of organic, natural foods-that they’re then giving to their children.
What do I feel when I’ve come away from those posts?  You guessed it-frustration.


My children don’t eat unhealthily, let me just put that out there now.  I spend a hell ton of money on fruit, vegetables and salad on a weekly basis-nearly half of my food budget goes on that.
But that’s exactly it-already nearly half of my budget is spent on feeding them good food.  The budget I speak of, isn’t huge.  It’s enough for the above, and 7 meals per week.

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I take my cheaper grapes out of the punnet they come in each week, and I don’t see ‘organic’ written on them.

I don’t see 90% meat on my sausages, and I buy the rashers of bacon that aren’t lean!

My chicken is the cheapest one available, the majority of my food shop is supermarkets own.

Do you see a theme?  I’m on a budget-a tight budget, and I just can’t afford the prices of the products that are better for my family and the environment!


I get the need to help reduce plastic waste, I get that organic is better, but if there is such a need for these things to change, why aren’t they more affordable?  As far as I’m aware, those affording these products are in the minority-the majority of our country are still struggling financially on a daily basis-children are still going to school hungry, and families are still using food banks.



This feeling of frustration from someone wanting to help our world, but who just can’t afford to, can’t just be something I feel.

Things do need to change-but to change we need to be given better opportunities to do so.

In the meantime-my Insta-hero Nicola from TGCO and my healthy organic Mumma accounts will have to fly the flag for those of us that would love to help-but just can’t right now.


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