Oscar’s Adventures in the Online World-Internet Safety Book

Internet safety is something that is really important to me-especially in the digital technological age we find ourselves in now.

When I was a child, we didn’t have as many ways of getting “online”-and by the time the dial up had even connected us to the internet, there really wasn’t much chance of anything else really happening.

Now I’m a Mother, and my Son has a tablet, an Xbox and knowing my luck in the very near future, a phone, I try my hardest to keep him as safe while he’s online, as I do in general life.

We were sent a book from National Online Safety that speaks directly to children-enabling them to understand how they can stay safe in the digital world.

It tells the story of a little boy called Oscar, who, takes a trip into his computer and the digital world.


His first hurdle is an app he wants to use that is asking him to pay.  He has to decide which is the safer option-the option that won’t get him into trouble.
The next issue he faces is in a chat room, where a name he doesn’t recognise asks him to send a picture of himself.  He must decide whether to risk sending one, or to block the stranger.
He then enters online gaming, where a pop up asks him if he wants to play another game.  He must decide whether clicking that pop up is a good idea or not.
Finally, he posts a picture online of him and a new friend-a photo that receives negative remarks from his other friends.  He must make a decision, whether to leave the photo up and join in with the negativity, or to remove the photo and end the nastiness.

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At the end of the book, there are activities for the reader to take part in, regarding personal information, hacking and online bullying, as well as Top Tips from Oscar himself!
There is also a section on having a trusted adult they can confide in if anything does happen online that they need to talk about, and an online safety pledge.


The way this book has been put together-so easy to read for young minds, yet so thought provoking and educational too, is amazing.  My Son, although already taught about internet safety at his school, really understood the message behind each part of Oscars story, and I genuinely believe he’s been even better educated on the subject than he was before!


National Online Safety (NOS), work alongside parents, to provide a comprehensive, interactive and engaging Online Safety for Parents e-learning course that can be accessed via your child’s school.  For information on how to access the parents’ course, you can contact your child’s school, and ask them to contact NOS by email at hello@nationalonlinesafety.com or through their website at www.nationalonlinesafety.com.



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