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Today, the nation stood silent, and remembered the victims of the Tunisia attacks, one week ago from today.

While stood in front of my TV, watching the family of Joel Richards, Adrian Evans and Patrick Evans sob, while they  still try to make sense of what has happened to their family,  I felt only anger. 

How dare these terrorists use violence against innocent people.  Who are they to decide when people should die? How can they watch, while members of victims families, are shown distraught on news channels?

With tears streaming down my face, the minutes silence ended.  

Then, on Sky News, they cut to Darren Cooper, the leader of Sandwell Council in Oldbury.

Mr Cooper had a message: 

We are united, we stand shoulder to shoulder, in the face of adversity.  And we will never ever allow terrorists and twisted ideologists to divide us, or our communities.  

We will stay together and we will win together.  We will defeat the barbarians who use violence and terror to try and intimidate us.  Our values of tolerance, of decency and respect for all, for humanity, will always prevail.

Around the country in mosques and via the internet, radicalisation is still happening.  Imams are still preaching their extremist views and sending people off to their deaths in the name of Islam. 

This is not who Islam are, they are a caring, loving, peaceful religion.

We need to be the voice for our country.  We need to use the words spoken by Mr Cooper today and spread them across the nation.

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We will fight, and we will win.

For all the victims of the Sousse Attacks-may you rest in peace x

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