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So often I see people mentioning how overwhelmed they’re feeling with all they have to do.  Parenting is a full time job as it is, without adding in the mountains of washing and housework, and for my fellow bloggers and I, the writing time needed to get posts out on time, especially in the holidays when the children are at home all the time!

Personally, I’ve started working every evening until late, as this is the only time I seem to get quiet time, and then I have the days free to do things around the house and spend time with the little ones.

However, this still doesn’t stop me finding it all a bit much sometimes, and so, I asked some of my lovely blogger friends to help me out with some tips on juggling it all!

Emma from said;  It’s much easier now my son is at pre-school. It means I can dedicate a day to blogging/writing and another to running errands and cleaning. When he is off I have to clean as I go, for example, clean the bathroom whilst he’s in the bath, get him to help with dusting, the hoover stays out to be at hand. For work I ask for babysitting help from my Dad.

Frances from You Have To Laugh said; Mine is pay someone else to do it. Or just give in, live in a slum and don’t get any work done.

Jessica from Beauties and the Bibs said;  I try not to put too much pressure on myself as I find this really demotivated me. I have started to make lists of things I need to /want to do and find great satisfaction in marking them off.

Gemma from Somewhere After The Rainbow said; I try and set days to do things. So i’ll have one day where I try and get as much blogging and scheduling done as possible and then do the rest in the evenings. Wednesday is usually my housework day, and I try not to work at all on Fridays and Saturdays. Everything else I just fill in where possible. I’m a huge list fan and anything that makes my life easier such as online shopping is a must.

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Sam from Mouse Moo & Me Too said; It just doesn’t happen during the day for me anymore, with a job and two small kids! I know what my priorities are (laundry, toys tidied away at the end of the day) and I have to let everything else drift. I get very little sleep these days!

Clare from NeonRainbowBlog said; Schedules! I tend to mark set times to work, when the kids are at school it’s much easier but during the holiday the evenings are where I try and get a power hour or two in to bash out some jobs, I stick my spotify in my ears and I go for it. I also schedule in a note to take it easy, because burning the candle at both ends isn’t going to help you survive the 6 weeks holiday!

Kate from Kate on thin ice said; Ask for help – people are very good at assuming you are OK unless you let them know otherwise. If you are not brave enough to say it, write it down.


Thanking all my lovely blogger friends for their contributions, there’s some really good tips here!!!


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