Passenger (and Pedestrian) Road Rage-Do You Have It?

We’ve all heard of road rage-some of you drivers out there may have it.  But have you ever heard of someone having passenger road rage?  What about pedestrian road rage?

I have both.


Yep, you read right, I’ve diagnosed myself with the lesser known infliction, Passenger and Pedestrian Road Rage, or PPRR for short.

I don’t drive-so my days are spent either walking the school runs with both of my children, or, being driven places by my long suffering husband.

I’ll spend the majority of my car journeys, with my husband, giving people dirty looks through the windows, waving my hands about in a “what ARE you doing?!” fashion, or just plain yelling random things, then muttering under my breath about them.

My poor husband, although he may sometimes agree with my ramblings, probably finds my reactions to his driving and other people’s driving, rather irritating.

Whether I’m moaning at him for nearly taking a wing mirror off of another car, or driving too fast when the speed sign clearly says a certain number, one of the most muttered responses that he says to me, is definitely “it’s my car-let me drive”.

When walking the school runs, I have the same issues, every single day.

Within two minutes of my journey, I have to cross a zebra crossing, one of two that no bugger stops at.  Cue, lots of hand gesturing and cross looks as the car whizzes past the line it’s supposed to stop at.

PassengerDown the road a little, is a blind bend.  I have to lean right out and hold the kids back, so I can see which cars are indicating to come round.  Which is all well and good (and safe), until I’m walking out, onto the road, and someone decides to come round without indicating-putting mine and my children’s lives in danger! (Cue, lots more hand gesturing and yelling).

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Add these, to those who pull out of side roads at speed, not assuming anyone could be walking down them, and those who clearly have never heard of a SatNav, weaving their way up and down roads at some sort of snail speed, because they can’t find the right turning, and you have, my worst nightmare.

I get it though-I understand that those who drive probably have similar issues with pedestrians-and I feel your pain-there are some right knobs on the paths as well.

So is it just me?  Does anyone else share the issues I have?

Or am I just turning into the cantankerous person I had hoped would never appear?




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