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Past Lives, After Life and Superstition-what do you believe in?

This is a bit of a niche random blogging subject from me, especially in comparison to subjects I usually write about!

What has prompted it though, was a conversation with a stranger in my local supermarket.  As myself and my four year old Daughter were leaving, a random woman made a passing comment; “oh she’s been here before!”
Thinking she meant in this shop, I replied “oh yes, we come here all the time as we live around the corner.”
She said “no I mean in this world!”
She went on to tell me Olivia seemed very knowing, and had an old soul about her-something that I actually say in jest to people who ask what she’s like, quite a lot!  Her taste in music is definitely eclectic for a four year old-she loves swing, jazz (and basically anything by The Overtones), but she also comes out with things way older than children her age say!

It got me thinking though, what do others believe in?  I think I have to believe in an after life-just for my own self comfort-I will those who have left me to still be with me, and if I ever found out that it wasn’t true, it would definitely change who I am as a person. 

I asked some of my lovely blogger friends, their thoughts on it all….

Jenna from Then There Were Three said; I definitely believe in past lives and an after life. However I don’t believe in heaven/hell or God. I’ve been told by many mediums and psychics that I am in tune with spirits though.

Emma from Ready Freddie Go said; Yes! My mom always says it about my son and several people have said it to me lately about little things he says. It comforts me as my dad died recently and it makes me feel at ease a little.

Alex from Better Together Home said; I’m not very superstitious but I do believe that people come into our lives for a reason. I’ve met some incredible people in my life who have had a huge influence and arrived just at the right time – I believe it’s fate that those people arrived when needed the most.

Lindsay from Newcastle Family Life said; Yes I totally believe in this. My late mam and other family members used to always say it about my eldest daughter when she was small.

Sarah from Mummy Cat Notes said; I do and I don’t, I am a very scientific person so I try and be rational about things like ghosts and past lives but I’m also spiritual and sometimes feel others have been here before and come back to protect us.

Emma from Emma Reed said;  I have to think that everything happens for a reason and that we are meant to meet people because, to be honest, I doubt I would have met my husband if my Mum hadn’t died due to the way my life went after she passed. I wonder if I was destined to meet him/be with him? But I do also like to think she looks over us all in a way. I definitely think that the universe works in mysterious ways.

Katie from Living Life Our Way said; Loads of people have always said my daughter is a very old soul in a young body. I am inclined to agree… The way she acted when she was much younger – and even as a baby, friends commented that she looked at them like she understood everything, as if she already knew what’s what with the world!

Paige from Our Altered Life said;  I definitely believe. I think that it’s wonderful to consider that we’re not a body, we HAVE a body and that the spirit which is an essence is unlimited. I love the idea that I’ve been here before and will go on to experience different lives afterwards. Makes me appreciate life today and all it’s lessons which again I believe teach us something. Good and bad. I get a lot of comfort from thinking my spirit will see my grandparents one day. I don’t fear death (just the dying bit I’m not too excited about !)

Kelly from Mimi Rose and Me said; They say that moments of Deja Vu are snippets from a past life. And that the reasons why babies cry when they are born it’s because they have left a previous life. But who knows.
Personally, I definitely believe in past lives and the after life. It’s something that has always intrigued me. Before the birth of my daughter my nan told me that if she wasn’t here by the time she arrived then all I needed to do was to have faith and know that she would be there with me. At the birth so many different things happened that made me feel at ease and reminded me of her. I felt as if she was there with us. Little thing she liked, said and smell. It was quite bizarre but comforting.


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I love how everyone has such beautiful beliefs that mean so much to them-what about you?  What do you believe in?


past lives

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